Political Relationships
October 24, 2008 by Mark de LA
There many different kinds of relationships in the world of politics.  Some imply power and control over like the "follow the money" scenario is likely to uncover. I would call the money scenario a strong relationship. Relatives by blood & marriage are next in line as semi-strong relationships.  Support & endorsement is a medium to weak relationship in that it is much more one-way than the strong relationships.
There are also relationships which are abstract & expose the mindset, philosophy, world-outlook or foundation of a politician: voting, legislation, party membership, & even endorsement. What a politician has written about, taught, or supported tells us something about their evolution in principles & can predict where they might go in the future. These gathered together as metrics of the content of an article indicate one kind of value. The other is the value of the article in terms of reporting such as spin content, sourcing, truth or falsehood (if determinable) date, reporter, & again the political relationships of the publication itself. This stuff clusters. FOAF clusters as well. Investigative journalism would be a lot more interesting if the journalists themselves were investigated; if the bloggers were somewhat exposed. No man is an island. Integrity is a great value to be relished not only for it's rarity, but for it's staying power within the Universe.
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I wonder if any of this would help untangling the relationships in politics: