The lunes of Alhazen. The two blue lunes together have the same area as the green right

triangle. See the GeoGebra proof etc here: 

The duty of the man who investigates the writings of scientists, if learning the truth is his goal, is to make himself an enemy of all that he reads, and ... attack it from every side. He should also suspect himself as he performs his critical examination of it, so that he may avoid falling into either prejudice or leniency.

— Alhazen


More from the series Cosmos: A Spacetime Oddesy – episode 5 “Hiding in the Light”

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    Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-23 23:24:08 [item 21163#54614]
    Maybe this works as an embed: 
    Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-24 08:47:18 [item 21163#54617]
    Seth 2016-07-24 08:42:11 [item 21163#54616]
    well that embed locks the news on a iPhone … one cannot scroll the news past it. 
    A lot of the news is screwed up. being able to edit an item in the news if you have access to the group it was written for would be nice.  I find dead-ends a lot of places where scrolling stops but shouldn’t, but I am not supposed to complain about cognitive dissonances.
    July 23, 2016 by Seth

    So now if you see a cluster of unrelated people, and more than the normal number of them are  focused on their cell phones,  chances are they are looking for Pokemon. 

    I recognized this  cluster of unusual cell phone activity around the  end of the bridge over the Cedar, and verified with the man center background, that there were pokemon about. ← a tag firsts for me. 
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    July 23, 2016 by Mark de LA

    It is a fun idea & meme.  Maybe some of the Waldorf Schools could spread it better than public schools alongside of the Pygmaian Effect
    OTOH – you might ask a random sample of middle schoolers in the public school system today what color “indigo” is. Make sure they don’t check their cell phones first. 
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      Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-23 17:28:54 [item 21160#54604]
      What does this have to do with Indigo Children .  Comment is misplacedcool
      TiggerAndPoo of group nathan 2016-07-23 17:43:23 [item 21160#54605]
      This comment is a direct response to “Make sure they don’t check their cell phones first.” and yes, perhaps that is misplaced here and in fact I think it is. But YOU put it here, making it fair game for commenting upon.  
      Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-23 19:36:32 [item 21160#54606]
      TiggerAndPoo 2016-07-23 15:29:58 [item 21160#54593]
      Why not check their cell phones? What is wrong with utilizing what you create in your reality to resolve questions about your reality? Why do some people think there is only one way to get and use knowledge? Are you one of those who think people should still be using slide rules too?

      What’s wrong with the general idea “if it works, do it”? Who is out there saying there is only one right way to get and apply information?
      The idea about that was to see if the children knew themselves what the answer was. I was a familiarity thing. Maybe after a couple of hundred years the population will no longer have the faculty of remembering much more than what the M$M anchors into your head. Something like Max Headroom only worse. 
      July 23, 2016 by Mark de LA
      Can’t add a comment to Black Lives Matter. It opens a box to do that which quickly flashes something & then goes to the top of the test sandbox.
      Here is my post:
      Still munged explanation of what happened in the N. Miami shooting of a black therapist. 
      Apparently all the wagons are circled & the ivestigation is escalated to the state.
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        TiggerAndPoo of group nathan 2016-07-23 15:27:50 [item 21159#54592]
        Mark. Shut your fucking asshole trap of a mouth until you have something productive to flow from it.
        TiggerAndPoo of group nathan 2016-07-23 15:49:59 [item 21159#54597]
        Drive by bullying is about to be discontinued.
        TiggerAndPoo of group nathan 2016-07-23 16:10:53 [item 21159#54598]
        Direct quote from the 3.0 memo for clarity of understanding on why this is simple bullying …


        This is not a bug phase. I did not write any bugs here. Please don’t report any bugs or problems, because either I know about them and will get to them when I am excited to, or they are outside my focused areas of excitement and are not my business.

        However, you are more than welcome to actively participate in the story about ideal features. We want to hear what you think can work better, or a more cool feature. Comment away on those and give all the positive support you wish!  Be authentic and follow your excitement … and all will come together quicker than you can imagine!  
        Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-23 16:45:12 [item 21159#54599]
        Good Luck having real customers who pay for the thing as if it were a product! thumbs down  Seth agitiated that I use 3.0.  Now you are getting feedback. 
        Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-23 16:48:58 [item 21159#54600]
        For someone who pretends to live in his own positive universe You, Nathan, are the MOST NEGATIVE CUNT I HAVE EVER RUN INTO! thumbs down
        TiggerAndPoo of group nathan 2016-07-23 16:59:31 [item 21159#54602]
        Only members of the fbi group can access 3.0 so “real customers” has nothing to do with anything except your continued bullying.

        Yes, by all means use 3.0. You have access to it being a VIP in the fbi group.

        And, where does “However, you are more than welcome to actively participate in the story about ideal features. We want to hear what you think can work better, or a more cool feature.” not compute in your shit for brains MR bully? No one asked for feedback and I explicitly said “This is not a bug phase.”.
        TiggerAndPoo of group nathan 2016-07-23 17:07:09 [item 21159#54603]
        Fair warning exceeded. Bullying is now discontinued. I generally do not resort to cutting things out of the reality matrix with a scalpel, but sometimes, it is unavoidable in order for healthy growth to occur.
        July 23, 2016 by Seth
        From Bobby Flay:  Filling → Peel, core, and slice apples. Mix apple slices with sugar, flour, and cinnamon. Place apple mixture in pie shell.

        Dutch apple pie topping:  butter, sugar, oats, flower. 

        I cheated on the crust, used pre made sad

        ← into the oven 350 for 35 min.
        by Seth in group seth — 2016-07-23 06:09:31 thought 21158
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        July 23, 2016 by Seth
        I decided to start putting all of my casts in this internal game that i am playing here rather than gafattie the rest of our mind space.   In a way i did not expect that my mystical internal game would work quite so well in that it would attract quite so many coincidental fits to my psychie.  Oh well … play can be fun happy.
        This one is a real doozie surprise ...

        5^3 * 13^2 → “greater humanitie’s habits”

        i think i now have 13 identified  … i am thinking it can be called “habit” or “automated happening” →  that which happens sans conscious will. 

        of course you know that 5 is human if you have been following along.

        strangely enough, i think anyone who reads the dialog on “Re: Business Of Linked Data: Opportunities re., Smart Agents (Bots)”  must grock that same interpretation

        ← my bozomic interpretation is that “about <private>” is unhacking the spiritual. 

        works for me smug … but then i am bozo. 
        bozo assigns what can be represented as “political lies” to prime 10567.  and that prime falls between two doozies from the previous 2008 election cycle … 10570, and 10560.

        so the interpretation of the intent behind the thought  <private> is “more political lies”

        interperting out loud bozo’s response Black Lives Matter

        2^2  * 7 * 11 * 61

        hmmm ….

        2^2 could be “insistence of habit” ← more more of the same.

        7 * 11 has both inside and outside components.  both spiritual and those connections that happen between us.  it would be the trangualtion of both contexts. 

        what is item 61 … or its nearest fix ?  Well item 186 is the closest which makes any sense … and that is about tag aaron’s inteview.   It works for me, my attempt to blog about triangulateing my inside with my outside as i avoided killing the black kids on their bikes was in fact trying to do what aaron was suggesting in “Internet needs serious, well-written, critical investigations into societal phenomena.”.  

        Now of course you should notice a Bozonic bias … what the fuck did you expect … after all this is my mind grin

        so in “Chicken Lives Matter Too” mark  has gone beyond human to “<private>laughing laughing

        21157 is A new ontology

        Ok, ok honestly i did not plan this, that would be cheeting.  But i did anticipate it … as in watcH it coming.  Me thinks it is a great match smug,  a great sync between my subjective mind and this external one here
        by Seth in group seth — 2016-07-10 11:10:34, changed 2016-07-23 06:05:28 thought 21128
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        TiggerAndPoo of group nathan 2016-07-21 11:56:34 [item 21128#54517]
        Seth 2016-07-21 12:04:16 [item 21128#54519]
        yes  that’s going to take a bit of study.
        Seth 2016-07-23 06:43:16 [item 21128#54586]
        i think this video animates Tesla’s gestalt about multiplication → Times Tables, Mandelbrot and the Heart of Mathematics
        July 23, 2016 by Seth
        i’m trying to factor out a set of different terms which more accurately describe what is happening here with us humans than the old ones which have so much baggage and confusion attached.  

        so thinking out loud … writing sentences in those terms which are true, at least to me  ...

        There are beings. 

        Each being has an inside which is accessible only to itself,  and a outside which effects other beings.

        We humans are beings.  And deeply interacting groups of us are beings too.

        We can call what happens inside a being, which is accessible only to itself, “private”, “subjective”, or “spiritual” … and we call that the beings “experience”.

        There are beliefs.  Beliefs are subjective.

        When a belief in one being matches a belief in another we can call it an “agreement”.

        When an experience in one being harmonizes with an experience in another, we call that a sync or a touch.
        by Seth in group seth — 2016-07-23 05:48:52 thought 21157
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        Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-23 21:25:38 [item 21157#54589]
        Something interesting from PR – whose thing is about ontology & he equates it with zen is his morning podcast here on becoming clear: thumbs up
        Instead of the word munge he uses smear or smudge in the 1 minute podcast.
        Note I use the word as above which is munge ← defined as a bunch of things jammed together as in the tasty mess defined by the urban dictionarylaughing
        TiggerAndPoo of group nathan 2016-07-23 15:39:18 [item 21157#54594]
        Cool Seth. Nicely done, except the 2nd part of #2. There is no verification that there is an outside that affects other beings … and there is no way to set up a verification that is independent from one’s experience. The 2nd part of #2 is just a theory proposed by a few various models of thought about the nature of reality … and is probably part of the “Baggage” you mention, a carryover in thinking from several generations of living inside the universe model.

        The rest seems like a very useful start on a general labeling system for leading edge thinking.   
        TiggerAndPoo of group nathan 2016-07-23 15:47:53 [item 21157#54595]
        Interesting yes … but in that tiny podcast PR only gets to say there is a smush, not what it is or how to relate to it? How is that helpful?
        Seth 2016-07-23 20:47:09 [item 21157#54608]
        well of course i can verify that others effect me … that is in my experience.  by assuming that other beings are symmetrical to me, i can logically conclude that i effect them as well. 

        but your right … there is no way to verify that without experiencing it.  so it becomes an article of faith, where a person can choose if  they are in some wierd simulation chamber where it is all just their own being being reflected back into their senses.   so its is a axiom that a philosophy can choose … like choosing whether parallel lines meet at infinity or not. 

        Incidentally, have you considered the effect on others of you telling them your choice?   For example, fyi, i don’t like that you think the effect of my being on you is just your own doing.    … you have robbed me of my effect on you.  laugh
        Seth 2016-07-23 21:11:44 [item 21157#54609]
        i like that he said, “pay attention to what happens, what occurs”.  if you don’t, then your awareness is a blur .. a smudge … a mere waving at whatever drives you fancy.  Good advise me thinks indeed thumbs up.

        Mark, I have always interpreted your use of “mung” quite differently than PR’s use of “smush”.   You always seem to use “mung” when i combine things that you think should not be combined … or when i describe what i experience happening in a way that does not match your own thoughts on the matter … or come up with a theory which you think is off the wall … or when i recognize a pattern which you haven’t and make a general statement about particular cases.   Have i been interpreting your use of “mung” wrong? 

        Anyway sounds as if i should write some true sentences in my ontology that use the words “attention” and “happening” or “occurs”.   thanks for pointing at PR bringing that up thumbs up
        by Seth in group seth — 2016-07-23 05:05:18 thought 21156
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        July 21, 2016 by Mark de LA
        In contemplation this AM & for the past few days I have pondered the nature of my mind & how I appear not to be in control (in charge) of the contents except for short periods of time. I speculate that few who interact with the World have total control. I hold everything as beings, even thoughts, trains of feeling & trains of action. My mind seems like entering a room (“the inside” according to S) & everyone there wants my attention . By my I mean that being to which I say “I AM!”.  I wrote PR this AM about that & it may be a while before there is an answer.
        GW had an interesting series I discovered a while ago c.1956 P.1231 ssq. (Tai Shu FOOK IN) –  Here are the next 3 pages before it merges in with projective geometry.  Maybe the why of projective geometry can be teased out of them or not.
        For any more I will try to use cloud storage such as Google Drive or another one somewhere. Any choices for you folks?  My Drive free space is almost used up. 
          by Mark de LA in group the great work — 2016-07-21 08:14:45 thought 21154
          July 20, 2016 by Mark de LA
          Watch Hillary age for the next 4 years or see Melania smile?

            by Mark de LA in group mark — 2016-07-20 06:51:30 thought 21152
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            by Mark de LA in group mark — 2016-07-20 06:42:50 thought 21151
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            Seth 2016-07-20 07:31:32 [item 21151#54481]
            July 19, 2016 by Mark de LA
            Claims Drudge was in for Trump.  Claims unsourced, though. 
            … from the article:

              by Mark de LA in group politics — 2016-07-19 07:13:10 thought 21150
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              Seth 2016-07-19 08:27:37 [item 21150#54457]
              One thing i’ve noticed is that a lot of stories have surfaced in several channels which have as their assumption that Trump should have been stopped.   That assumption has never been present that i know of on any other candidate in my memory. 

              Anyway now i am actually curious whether Mark will fall in with Trump.
              Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-19 08:41:22 [item 21150#54459]
              Just politics – the narrative is what it is constructed by the ruling class & the M$M that wants job security.  When someone comes along that doesn’t fit like Trump, the libertarians, tea party, bernie, etc, the meme “stop XXXX” comes out. The intriguing part about Trump is so far as we know he has not been bought like Hillary (even foreign entities paid her off) . The corresponding meme is “Never Hillary” for the other side. Too bad Bernie caved in. 
              Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-19 09:02:01 [item 21150#54463]
              Seth 2016-07-19 08:52:52 [item 21150#54461]
              Well i think everyone notices that Trump is in fact something new and different.   What is the same, however, is that fools believe his promises.
              Well people don’t even believe Hillary or Bernie & still appear to vote for them – go figure! thumbs down
              by Seth in group seth — 2016-07-18 10:52:31 thought 21149
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              Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-18 10:55:25 [item 21149#54442]
              thumbs up
              Seth 2016-07-21 11:49:28 [item 21149#54516]
              surprise i recieved the unique metal hardware for the press this morning.   The wooden frame i must build myself.  It’s gonna be fun cool
              Seth 2016-07-22 08:37:09 [item 21149#54569]
              note to developer …. please restore the essential capability of fastblogit to upload pdf and other media types like mp3 etc. 
              Seth 2016-07-23 05:18:23 [item 21149#54585]
              Scott is helping me build this in his wood working shop on Healthy Horizons Family Farm.  it’s almost finished, just got to build the barrell.  Then we will see if we can make some cidar from this Apple Tree Laden with Fruit
              by Seth in group seth — 2016-07-17 07:08:51 thought 21147
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              Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-18 07:17:26 [item 21147#54406]
              Never seen a creature that can piss a straight line like that.
              Looks like a misinterpretation of a shadow.  Did you take the picture while he pissed?
              Seth 2016-07-18 07:16:27 [item 21147#54408]
              yet this horse did.
              Seth 2016-07-18 07:33:36 [item 21147#54411]

              i was watching the horse up close to get a picture of his eyes … then the animal went to the back of the stall to do his business.    i snapped his picture during that.  the difference in color and how his stream  casts a shadow  should convince you of the veracity of my photograph.
              Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-18 08:23:00 [item 21147#54419]
              Mark de LA 2016-07-18 07:40:46 [item 21147#54414]
              The shadow & the color of the original stream almost the same is just weird. But you were the one who found it important enough to snap it. Enjoy. Nice looking horse.
              Seth 2016-07-18 08:06:27 [item 21147#54418]
              Well how close , me and the little girl got to the long horn bull’s horns was quite a bit more close up and personal, surprising and dramatic,  than what the horse did.  Lot’s of people were there to snap that … even her daddy.

              i must admit it made me feel queezy, though i wanted to be closer to get a better picture.   i think she was queezy too, even though her daddy egged her on to get his picture.   you should be able to see that in my picture of her.

              Seth 2016-07-18 08:35:06 [item 21147#54420]
              thanks, mark, for interacting here bringing our consciousness of what happened at the fair closer and more personal to anyone who interprets my representations in this thought.  i never saw a long horn bull up close and personal before … after all, i am but a city boy. 
              July 16, 2016 by Seth

              i just heard a interview of the director

              … sounds like it would be interesting to watch
              by Seth in group seth — 2016-07-16 12:55:53 thought 21146
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              Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-16 13:15:00 [item 21146#54371]
              Frankly I preferred Dating Naked on VH1
              July 16, 2016 by Seth

              Ming is great … it is different than English in that it way more internal to a person … with much more latitude given to the listener to interpreting the meaning of a sign.  So it is a perfect media for delving into the inner spiritual.  It is almost like a person putting a subjective association on each prime number.  i think it is a great media for a person to communicate with their own subconsciousness. 

              But it is not so very good for communicating with others.


              by Seth in group the great work — 2016-07-16 10:32:41 thought 21145
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              Seth 2016-07-16 11:36:10 [item 21145#54361]
              Seth 2016-07-16 10:39:18 [item 21145#54358]
              it would be interesting to read into the record here what GW said about Ming in this context.
              Mark de LA 2016-07-16 11:30:44 [item 21145#54360]
              I have no clear idea what you want to do with it that motivates my doing the work.  There are probably hundreds of pages.  I once posted some on fb for Breck. They won’t merge well with your prime factors thingy. Here are a couple of pages I previously scanned for flavoring. Stuff is spread around in lots of books. 
              Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-21 07:58:14 [item 21145#54490]
              Mark de LA 2016-07-21 06:25:56 [item 21145#54488]
              If you are interested in the next 3 pages which bridge the gap between ming & why of projective geometry you need to make it so that I can post individual items in this group which, for some strange reason, does not work like the rest of my groups.
              Seth 2016-07-21 07:48:34 [item 21145#54489]
              i sent you the password via chat
              Thanks, it apparently worked. thumbs up
              by Mark de LA in group mark — 2016-07-16 08:09:48 thought 21144
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              Seth 2016-07-16 08:36:18 [item 21144#54333]
              waht is paging? 

              by the way, using the back and forth buttons in the tool bar does not work in 3.0 when it encounters deleted or private items.
              Mark de LA of group mark 2016-07-16 08:36:36 [item 21144#54334]
              In group mark they are not there at all in 3.0
              Seth 2016-07-16 08:38:54 [item 21144#54335]
              ok, i see that now … they were there, now in 3.0 they are gone.