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Guess you decided to give up the static chat line 

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by Mark de LA in group mark — 2006-03-23 03:20:28 thought 3126
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Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 3126#9393]
The primary reason i took it off was that it was seriously slowing the system down.  Too much time was being lost on every page access that recorded the visit in the visitor's table.  It was never really very functional as a meeting place ... given our current clientele. However, it was very interesting as a method to see what and who was impinging on our system ... at some point we will figure out how to speed it up and get back that awareness.  
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 3126#10400]
why did you take it off
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 3126#10401]
how old r u
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 3126#13868]
hi am 19 years old how old are u
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 3126#14017]
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 3126#14076]
What's up I'm 21 years old e-mail me at so we can really talk
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 3126#16362]
amanda where ciara at
February 21, 2006 by Seth
source: above

According to RFC 2616, the User-Agent header is a statistical datapoint and capability preference, allowing the receiving site to serve pages based on what the client is known to be able to receive: "This [header] is for statistical purposes, the tracing of protocol violations, and automated recognition of user agents for the sake of tailoring responses to avoid particular user agent limitations." So if the limitations of your user agent change, you can modify the User-Agent field that you send appropriately.

With this in mind, I often set my User-Agent header to "Mozilla/5.0 (Something)" when I'm using wget, curl, or urllib in Python, but I'm often told that this is a bad thing, even an abuse of the header. That's absurd; the abuse is usually on the server side, not the client. I fake the User-Agent because many sites don't allow download via curl or wget?two that spring immediately to mind are and These sites have a legitimate practical reason to do so: presumably a high percentage of the hits they receive from these user agents are crawlers and bots. With Google especially, this is going to cost them a lot of money, so blocking is prudent.

But bots should adhere to robots.txt, and I'll bet that a significant portion of the requests that curl and wget banning sites receive from those clients are legitimate. Their filtering is, therefore, a technical solution to a societal problem. It's a bit like banning Firefox on a framed site because Firefox can display the content unframed. So whilst I realise that banning the clients server side is something that pragmatically just has to be done, a hack to save a lot of money and bandwidth, it's an abuse of the User-Agent header, and it's taking place on the server. Getting around that by faking the User-Agent header client side is abuse by neither morals nor specification, as long as the client is being used legitimately.

well a user who access the sever with some wierd tool which lies about it's identity is almost always up to no good.  Faking your user agent is acting like those criminals.   The point is not whether you think you are doing something that is legitimate.  The point is whether the server has provided for that kind of access ... and if it has, then it will allow user agents accordingly. It seems to me that you are arguing for acting like a criminal.

I filter bots and some mischief from my Chat Who's Here page because otherwise the page would be useless to me.  That page forms the basis of my awareness of what is happening to my domain in real time.  If people are honest about their user agent, like most of the legitimate bots, then i can make that page more useful.  If people lie about the tools with which they access my site, then it makes it more difficult to make awareness pages like this one useful. 

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by Seth in group seth — 2006-02-21 07:35:22 thought 2806
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January 23, 2006 by Seth
source: article above
To protect yourself, you want to ensure your browser doesn't pass along referral information.
What about the site's right to know what is impinging upon it?  If we meet on the street and you oggle me, do i not have the right to oggle back? 

At fastblogit we have a button in the nav panel, it's called "Chat Who's Here".  Our community uses that to discover what is happening to it ... who is comming to which item based upon searching for what ... and what kind of pestulance is befalling the conversations happening in our community.  Does you right to privacy, you annonymous geek,  overide my right to be aware of my environment ?  .... the  thinks not. 

More on this topic on [title Gentelmen, i'm not so sure that this is the right direction !] and in tag anonymous.  
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by Seth in group seth — 2006-01-23 11:03:06, changed 2006-01-23 13:14:58 thought 2597
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January 21, 2006 by Seth
You now have the ability to see who is visiting your group or tag room and to chat with them.

A social network is not just people, it is people who are connected by common activities, and objects.  We have endevoured to give you the kind of experience you would have by visiting a gallery and chatting with the poeple you meet there about the pictures displayed.  Your can walk around the rooms here, make items, meet people that are interested in those items and chat with them about those items.  

The room is very functional now, just click the "Chat Who's Here" link in the nav panel on every screen.   So this domain is not only a website but also a community of people and a web site interacting with you in real time.

There are a number of things that the has planned to enhanse your experience.
  • show time since last visit on each visitor (done )
  • use Ajax methods to refresh the screen, right now you need to click refresh to see changes.
    • chat window refreshes and maintains focus (done )
    • still need to refresh who's here list dynamically (done )
    • show who is currently available to chat with ( done)
  • show the domain name from outside visits (done )
  • show the search argument from some search engines (done )
  • when there are enough people here interacting, we can move the chat room into each and every tag and group room.
  • interpret tag wiki references in chat lines
  • sanatize html - html is not permitted in chat
  • generate selected chat logs
I call this a slightly new media.  It is a chat room so closely integrated with the blogging and wiki software here that it is getting close to virtual reality . To my knowledge I have not seen this particular combination of blogging and chatting.   Please discuss it in the tag room tag chat-who-is-here ...

  1. chat-who-is-here
by Seth in group seth — 2006-01-02 10:49:41, changed 2006-01-21 18:03:29 thought 2427
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Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8079]
One aspect of this is that you are not invisible when you come to our website.  We watch you!  Now, of course, some people are gonna flash that as evil.  But others are gonna recognize it for what it is:  awareness. You do not expect to walk into a cafe and be invisible, or walk into a mall and be invisible.  No, you show up. Mostly people ignore you unless you exibit bizarre behavior or otherwise stand out.   Well why shouldn't it be that way on the web too?  What is with this obsession of being invisible?
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8082]
Mark 2006-01-03 08:01:02 item 2427
You might explain that that's a feature of surfing the web (;-))
Yes, but previously it has not been available to (visible to) just people surfing the web.  Previously it has only been available to evil marketers in back rooms pooring over stastical reports.
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8095]
Bozo Faust 2006-01-03 09:51:30 item 2427
source: from chat window
another idea is for this window to propogate and for the window itself to be tagged .. so one navigates to different chats based upon tags ... but am not totally sure what data i need to record or if i already have enough
purloined from the chat window ... don't want to forget it, so am recording it here
oh i got it, you tag yourself !!! ... then each tag room is filtered to people with the same tag :)
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8112]
unknown 2006-01-03 16:33:24 item 2427
I don't get it, why is this not just another chat room. There are zillions of chat rooms on the web, and all of them are a waste of time.
Ok, let me spell it out for you, Mr Anonymous Geek.  I'll go over it real slow and in baby steps, but pay attention. 

The web is a cold place.  There are not people on it.  There are just web pages.  But each web page is well linked to it's particular context, that is why Google searches work so well.   But the pages are dead, frozen in time, not living processess even if they are generated on the fly out of a database.  Oh there are web pages that people interact with, but that interaction is one-on-one and usually is a very shallow interaction.  

On the other hand there are lots of chat rooms, on IRC and on the web as well.  In these rooms live people interact with each other.  What is missing?  Why are your boored with that interaction?  Because the people there are interacting in a (usually shallow) context in which you are disinterested. 

What makes an interesting social network for you would be people interacting in a context in which you yourself are involved. 

What we are developing here is that special combination of the deapth of context that a blog\wiki can provide and the people who come to it can interact together around the context provided in the tag rooms. 

Does that answer your question?
Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8115]
Well said!
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8168]
source: Chat Whs Is Here
seth: 08:22 am testing ajax here
seth: 09:15 I think i'll go to bed
seth: 09:34 well first let me put in times on chat log
seth: 09:49 hi winnie
winnie: 09:50 good night Seth
seth: 09:51 good night winnie
winnie: 09:51 Hi seth thot you had gone to bed
winnie: 09:52 are you going to bed?
winnie: 09:53 or are you making automatic times on the conversation
winnie: 09:54 must have gone to bed after all :)
winnie: 09:54 Cant see if you are there or not :
winnie: 09:56 Just know that you were there and what time. It would be nice to see if a person is activly on at the time
, winnie ... is working on stuff like that

2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8141]
Thanks for working on that
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8387]
Ajax is expensive. When we installed the chat refresh, pages serverd in this domain jumped from thousands per day to hundreds of thousands per day. When the site gets a lot of traffic, that may be a serious problem. ... or not ?
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8364]
seth 2006-01-12 13:00:59 item 2427
Unfortunately any image will flash on the screen.  I think i will do it with just a text on yellow background that will say "available to chat".   Any suggestions as to the exact text or formating?
Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8408]
Isn't there a way to make a matrix & just flash members & not the whole page? In a way I don't see this as very useful. I guess I thought it was going to the control panel and tell me if somebody had started to chat. Currently it sorts to the top those who came in latest so we already know they are active or somebody else comes in and replaces them.
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8409]
Mark 2006-01-12 14:35:26 item 2427
Isn't there a way to make a matrix & just flash members & not the whole page? In a way I don't see this as very useful. I guess I thought it was going to the control panel and tell me if somebody had started to chat. Currently it sorts to the top those who came in latest so we already know they are active or somebody else comes in and replaces them.

The highlight shows that the person is visiting the chat screen and therefore is available to see any chatting that is happening.  If they access a page somewhere else at the site they will show on the top of the list, but they do you know that you are there to chat with, unless they come to the "Chat Who's Here" page.
Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8403]
The last I saw a demo of Ajax someone showed a grid (matrix) or records with one of the grid being updated and only that row in the screen changed. Is that useful information to you ?
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8404]
We can update the page from a matrix, but what effect are you trying to achieve. As people are always comming and going from the site, it is impossible for us to calcualte some fixed postion on the screen.
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2427#8597]
source: i don't know if my comment will get posted to A VC: Spying On Myself, but in any case here it is
I think there is a variation of "myware" ... let me call it "ourware". It is the devises whereby a community becomes aware of that which impinges upon it. I called myself doing a bit of innovation in that area. Now the community of fastblogit can "spy" on everyone who comes there ... can even chat with them. It is being discussed in the room chat-who-is-here. You can get to the "spy" room by clicking on the "Chat Who's Here" button in the nav bar. You will not believe the amount of information that i have gleened about how my site interfaces with the rest of the web from watching in that room.

January 14, 2006 by Seth
guest-1549 is attempting to infect our couputer.  Going to the address quoted in his access yielded a macafe response from my computer.  Note the fllowing we discover about this trojan from McaFee:

Remote Access Functionality

The server component offers many functions to the hacker who can use a normal browser as a backdoor client. Provided example shows the remote functionality provided by one such backdoor PHP script called "c99shell":

  • It is a remote file-manager that works through browser
  • Can be updated remotely
  • Has file-searching capabilities
  • Can access files via FTP and Samba
  • Can upload and download files and folders
  • Can bind /bin/bash to any port with a password
  • Can modify timestamp and access-time for any disk object
  • Can execute any PHP code
  • Can apply sha1, md5, crc32, base64 to files
  • Has built-in operations with databases (list, sort, group operations)
  • Can perform back connection to any IP address on a given port
  • Can send improvement suggestins to the author via mail()
  • Supports SQL
  • Has self-removal function
I doubt that the infection was successful ... but am still investigating. 

One thing about tag chat-who-is-here is that it allows us to be aware of the mischief that is happening to our site.

  1. chat-who-is-here
by Seth in group seth — 2006-01-14 08:48:26, changed 2006-01-14 08:53:34 thought 2522
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Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2522#8350]
Mark 2006-01-14 08:55:44 item 2522
Are you saying that the from links in the chat might be dangerous ?
I don't know ...

when you click on his to: link you get the following message from our server
You have an error in your SQL syntax near ', 4 ' at line 2
which indicates that his attempt was not successful and ended in a sql error. 

However if you isolate his tool ( and access it directly in your browser like i did, and perhaps if you have php installed on your local, which i dont, it seems to fire a MacFee virus event that is documented in the about. 

Perhaps someone more versed in malicious hacking will shed some light on this.

Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2522#8438]
guest-1582 is also trying something pretty malicious. He is trying to hack in through the stats program.
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2522#14416]
wats up i'm just seeing who on line
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2522#14417]
wats up i want 2 c who's on line
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2522#14419]
jay-rock5 2007-02-21 18:04:57 item 2522
wats up i want 2 c who's on line
too bad, you can't.  Get rid of all the hackers and opportunists on the net and i will surley put chat back online and show you who is watching fastblogit in real time.
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2522#14421]
r u a girl seth
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2522#14422]
jay-rock5 2007-02-21 18:10:14 item 2522
r u a girl seth
too bad, ja-rock, i'm a boy
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2522#14558]
were is all da females
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2522#13636]
hey look for this on tags look for virus on the tags and on the bottom it will say virus 1 so click that
January 13, 2006 by
I wish your Chat/Spy room did not flash off and on as I have difficulty reading the posts there.
  1. chat-who-is-here
by in group winnie — 2006-01-13 20:15:34, changed 2006-01-13 20:18:24 thought 2520
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Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#8339]
what browser, what computer ... details need to be recorded ?
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#8261]
I'm goning to put a button on it to see if it to slow the flashing later today. We will see if that works.
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#8262]
I noticed that at the screen setting 960x600 you cannot get the whole chat inside the screen and it always jumps to the bottom even though you scroll it to the top.

What resolution are you running your screen at ?

Go to your desktop, right click, select properties, then settings, then report what is in the screen resolution box. If you are on the mac, ask Gerald.
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#7222]
resolution is 1280x1024       
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#6400]
on the MAC
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#8451]
All of Geralds and Clares computers are Macs
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#8447]
Winnie 2006-01-14 12:53:02 item 2520
resolution is 1280x1024       
ok, well that is much larger than the screen that is being projected.  so that cannot be the probelem. 
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#8444]
The flashing is recent it was not there untill when you added the automatic update thingy
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#8440]
... yes i know. i'm gonna be puttin in a button so that you can slow the flashing ... some of these problems are not so easy to solve.
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#8441]
Ok, first the good news,  I put a button on the Chat Who's Here screen that shows directly under the nav panel.  It says "slow flashing screen".  If you click that button it will change the screen refresh from 2 seconds to 30 seconds.  I think that will stop your screen from flashing. 

Now the bad news, if you have pressed that button, you will need to wait 30 seconds before you can see any updates to that screen. Of course if you get tired of waiting, just click the Chat Who's Here button in the nav panel and it will start refreshing every 2 seconds again. 

Please let me know if this helps. 

Thanks for working this out with me .

2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#8291]

Hello ppl
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2520#8292]
unknown 2006-01-16 13:38:05 item 2520

Hello ppl
... bit short on substance today, ehh?   this comment to self destruct in .... seconds.
  1. chat-who-is-here
by Seth in group seth — 2006-01-11 14:12:59, changed 2006-01-12 18:30:34 thought 2496
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2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2496#8336]
oh oh oh , but I have the same :)
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2496#8337]
Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2496#8332]
way to go! this is what it's all about
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2496#8278]
Christopher is here ...

January 11, 2006 by Seth

for Chat Who Is Here screen

Asking a nitty gritty question on chat channel
source:  irc://
How do you show in a box only as many lines that will fit inside an fixed length box even though the content is varying?
apparently the answer may lie in the css "overflow: scroll;"   see tutorial.

Moving right along, here is the chat log in xml.  This is the url needed to refresh the chat dialogue on the page.

  1. chat-who-is-here
by Seth in group seth — 2006-01-08 08:33:55, changed 2006-01-11 05:15:30 thought 2477
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Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2477#8304]
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2477#8294]
Submitting forms using AJAX - Using POST is a good tutorial that tells how to send the saywhat box back to the server without refreshing the page.  

Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2477#8285]
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2477#8333]
using this tutorial to supress the noral forms submission of the input box so that the javascript can override it url ... told me exactly what i wanted to know.
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2477#8334]
I declare victory over the chat window ... it is cherry, till someone can think of a better way to keep the scroll form getting in the way of full dialogues
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2477#8330]
you can get the right side of the screen in raw html from url ... that is ready to be gotten by the ajax objects
Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2477#8590]
Another /. article here with lots of links & flames uri
January 4, 2006 by Seth
Found this from my old blog.  Actually it was one of the things in the past that influenced me to do the web chat. Not so interesting now as probably the web has forgotten that the page exists and nobody goes there anymore.  So if you go there you will probably be just a lonley sperm.  But back in it's hay day there were many sperms competiting.  The page must record accesses in a db like the does and then graphically represents them as sperms. 

just got an idea from this.  Apparently thy are aware of when a sperm leaves the mix.  So when i get my ajax going i should be able to detect when a client stops asking for refresh.  Hense the user is gone from chat.  Hmmm... ... i woder if that works. 

  1. chat-who-is-here
by Seth in group seth — 2006-01-04 09:31:31, changed 2006-01-04 09:43:26 thought 2448
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Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2448#8179]
look at the Google ads on the page

Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2448#8180]
Cute graphic/ui - google adds are like a robot that takes you literally.
Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2448#8183]
seth 2006-01-04 09:51:03 item 2448
Mark 2006-01-04 09:48:13 item 2448
Cute graphic/ui - google adds are like a robot that takes you literally.
i didnt see you come in.  Did you identify yourself as a sperm?
nope - I graduated from that state a long time ago.
About: who's here
January 2, 2006 by Seth
I put in a routine that records information about each visit, such as what is your cookie group, ip, where you came from, what page you requested, when was your last visit. I count how many visits came in on that ip or cookie.  This database is used to create the statistics that you see.  Look at it as the who's-in-this-room list that is usually displayed on the right of the screen in chat rooms.  Click on the from to see where they came from, click on the this to see what they are viewing.  The number on the right gives you the number of pages that they requested from that ip or cookie.
Working on improving this experience now.  Here are some changes either made or in progress:
  1. exclude bots - if you want to study bot access to the site, then study it on another page
  2. show time from now since person was here
  3. show group person is from
  4. show search query sting from whence they came
  5. update automatically with ajax
  6. improve display
  7. install in right column of all pages

  1. chat-who-is-here
by Seth in group seth — 2005-12-29 19:37:03, changed 2006-01-02 09:33:10 thought 2392
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Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#7943]

Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#7941]
There seem to be an inordinate number of visists to and from the same tag rooms from different ip addresses:
tag blog~comment,wiki references
tag blog~comment,dictionary
The only way i can explain this is that there is some process that is monitering something with these accesses.

Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#7977]
Mark 2005-12-30 08:27:13 item 2392
Maybe somebody is looking for an index of topics and can't figure out the left-hand search column via a robot.
I doubt it.  It keeps happening over and over again at widely spaced time intervals.
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#7979]
... no sense in posting this to delicious unless i can figure out a good tag room to put it in.  Any suggestions ?

Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#7983]
Mark 2005-12-30 09:55:15 item 2392
who is in the room
who's there?
i doubt that anyone will use that as a tag for the same kind of thing.  its like winning at google 25000 pyramid ... can you think of a phrase that everyone else is using. 
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#7978]
google show access log is useless for delicious because they dont allow phrases, but it does bring up one relivant item from technocrati.
Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#7980]
Could use the phrase from hide & seek "You're IT" or "I'm It" or something similar without the spaces and apostrophes.
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#7986]
... thing about this game is that you can try it out yourself. tag the item the way you think would work, then see if it navigates to relivant tag rooms.
Mark de LA of group mark 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#7993]
arrangement by highest to lowest count might be interesting
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#8019]
The illusion that we are after here is awareness of the presence of people at our site.  The metaphor i'm working on is people walking around and commenting on pictures at a gallery .. and perhaps eventually interacting with each other.
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#8018]
Mark 2005-12-31 11:39:26 item 2392
arrangement by highest to lowest count might be interesting
people who are not at the very top of the list are simply not present at the site now. they are long gone, even though they may have been very active some time ago. 
2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#8027]
hi seth
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#8028]
Another by product of this experiment is that we can watch attempts at malicious mischief go by. Like for example
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#8038]
seth 2005-12-31 15:02:05 item 2392
Hi Winnie, i didn't see you come in because you left your author blank. I'll fix that.
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2392#8032]
One thing about watching who is watching us is that we discover a lot about what is going on at the site. For example: i am almost positive that our friendly spammer enters through this room tag blog~comment,wiki references; but i cannot prove it.
winnie 2006-01-01 21:21:36 item 2416
seth 2006-01-01 09:29:06 item 2416
the ... err as you call it "Chat Spy" ... only keeps the last comment you made there.  it's like a bubble on a cartoon strip.  It hangs on top of your advatar till you change it.

I don't understand how you are being ushered into the river.  Please explain. 

This as you say is obvious to me and not a problem. The Problem is that sometimes when I write a comment and click "say" I arrive at the River Room. When I return to look at the post in the Chat/Spy Room the new comment I had made is not posted.
  1. chat-who-is-here
by in group winnie — 2006-01-01 21:58:54 thought 2426
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2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2426#8064]
Yer mustave fixed it as I am not having that problem right now! 
Seth 2015-12-10 12:52:57 [item 2426#8063]
well let me know if the problem happens again. i'm also working on a more traditonal chat dialogue that will show on the left of the chat screen.