Life is Happening

"We want meaning in our lives. When we raise our sights, strive for excellence, dedicate ourselves to the highest goals of our society, we are enrolling in an ancient and meaningful cause - the long struggle of a man to realize the best that is in him."  -John W Gardner
The above is a quote sent me by Charlene Spillum via email.

I say too many people are running around looking for the "meaning of life" while about us & in us life is happening. Shit is happening!  By the time most of you grok this with a jolt (like a lightning bolt up your ass) you will probably still be looking or dead!  - MR(;-))
The contrast here between looking for the meaning of life versus life is all around us & in us “occurring” everywhere is the point of the quote.  Charlene herself has expired several years now & may or not know the other side of the coin.  She attended cert with me in Austin ~1988.  Later she introduced me to Landmark & the work of Werner Erhard.   She was instrumental in my trying to get Common Logic Inc. going as a business.  Thanks for bringing this up again with your comments.  No thanks for the gossip!
BTW, in a PR contemplation which she & I attended I got something similar while contemplating the question
What is Life? – one of PR’s series: Who am I?  What is another ? & What is Life? null
BTBTW – Michael Hadley when he taught his Thursday Night Class (tiger-dragon seminars) on one occasion held a dictionary under his arm & asked “anyone wanting to know the meaning of life?” – then he started thumbing the pages of the dictionary. null
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"We want meaning in our lives. When we raise our sights, strive for excellence, dedicate ourselves to the highest goals of our society, we are enrolling in an ancient and meaningful cause - the long struggle of a man to realize the best that is in him."  -John W Gardner
The above is a quote sent me by Charlene Spillum via email.

 "We will have meaning in our lives if we live each moment with Love"

Did you know @seth that once upon a time, back in 2005, @mark and “happening” were better friends.   

I have been studying Mark’s history. There is a clear trend and some major change points in Mark’s interaction with life. Most stuff in 2005 was very different from today. That’s all I’ll say for now.  

hmmm ...

well i knew about the tumor problem in mark’s throat.   that happened

if i experienced that, i can imagine that it might change me … especially the loss in the sense of taste.

Personally i am very keen on knowing,  “I create what my life means.”  It is my expression.  It is fun how that dove tails with multi-verses … perhaps not only just in the spellings of the English words in which i say,  “my life is my verse which i say to you”. 

This is gossip! Pure & simple. null Must be another dimension of Nate’s New Agey, Born-Again, selfie version of LOA ←  phooey!

fair enough, mark null.  

but there it is a fair question.  did the throat happening affect your attitude towards what happened after that?  me, i am curious … i don’t like to make up correlations like that, since i don’t think its my place  … but to be honest with you i have wondered about it.

This is the essence of bullying & graffiti on another’s post.  Note that on facebook you can curate your own posts.  This feature is not likely to attract customers for the product if it ever becomes known, or known much beyond a circle of 3. thumbs down Fuck up your own posts not mine!

well it is kind of about “shit happening” … is it not?

null with special emphasis on the word shit! 

i don’t know what you mean.

of course you dont

well will you tell me what you mean?

basically your comments on a former medical condition (real or imaginary) are not the subject of anything I want to discuss in public.  It was in the tonsils (discovered by a dentist) – lymph nodes at the entrance to the esophagus – the doctors used to laugh about the presence of HPV virus there & how one could get such a virus by eating pussy. Some believe that HPV (has many different strains & you probably have some on your finger tips & everything you touch & pass along) causes cancer.  They now vaccinate high school female population with the notion that it causes vaginal cancers. null

See right here. This is just one of the things that has changed. Back in 2005 @mark did not talk like this at all. And it has nothing to do with me. You can see the trend in his bullying, anger, and immediately jumping into rwg and denial during the entire period and I was not around for almost all of it.

It’s all there to see. I didn’t make it up, he wrote the stuff. One could even analyze it scientifically by date and correlate it to other happenings if they wanted to … quite objectively if you believe in that kind of thing.  

Unless Mark now goes and hides all the stuff he can now that he knows he is being analyzed or observed.  

nope!  bullying me for answers to questions you already know the answers to is fruitless waste of both our times. You might rather contemplate why you asked the question in the way you did.


i asked the question,  “well it is kind of about ‘shit happening’ … is it not?” to try to figure out why you thought Nathan’s inquiry was not directly related to Life is Happening

okay null

Me, i almost never talk about my medical conditions in public,  so I certainly can understand not wanting to express  deep personal spirits.  people are mean … sometimes when they smell blood, they stab deeper.  

i will ask no more.

Somehow Nate thinks he is an always right psychologist with the right to psychoanalyze & publish it to everyone he meets.  Maybe he should look in the mirror. null RWG at it’s finest. 

And I have not talked about conditions of any kind. I only said, that in browsing around following tag threads, I notice a very distinctive trend and that if it is graphed, it will most likely show significant variations at specific dates (and most surely some of those will correlate directly to me … but most of it, prior to December 2015, will have nothing to do with me at all).

I am and I do. So what?

… and you asked me if i knew … well you didnt put a “?” on it, but interpreted it as a real question to me.  so i answered it as truthfully as i could.

Seth caused an unresolved pointer reference “it” in his question. I assumed one & so labeled it.null

look in the mirror first – you are just projecting your own disease.

“it” in my quiestion refers to the thought, “Life is Happening”, itself. 

pronouns are traps for misinterpertation … perhaps best avoided.

That is all anyone ever does. There is nothing else. Dis-ease, by definition, is your own. That’s exactly why Hooponopono works so well too.  

i disagree … everyone does not project their own diseases onto others.  Some people do, it is true, … others avoid doing it because they know how it feels when it is done to them.

What is Hooponopono ?

Conversation forked to thought 21323

I didn’t say everyone projects their disease onto others. I said every observed disease is actually your own. See the fork to Hooponopono and read about it for a better understanding of that.

must have changed your mind in the last few years.  you used to use the phrase “… for some value of the word it” etc.  Precise English gets better answers. 

Well, mark said “you are just projecting your own disease”, then you responded with, “That is all anyone ever does”.   It is hard for me not to interpert that as what i thought you said.

And it doesn’t matter … i still disagree that “every observed disease is actually your own”.    I observe others dis ease all the time.   You seem to me telling me that when i do i am seeing my own dis ease.  That story just does not match with my experience.  So, your statement would ring truer to me, were you to take out the “everyone” scope. 

The current structure of comments makes it so that you can’t comment on something in the middle of a nest very well or in a deep one it gets lost. null

@seth and I decided 3 levels is enough, otherwise it get’s cluttered.

A better thing to do is take the comment with the relevant stimulus and fork it. That’s cleaner, still keeps everything connected, and doesn’t create huge piles of sometimes hopelessly intermixed contexts.  

Go to the Ho’opononopono fork … it will make more sense.  I shouldn’t have put that after-comment here. I moved it now.

… also, Ho’oponopono is really good stuff. I don’t want us loosing a bunch of good dialog about it to @mark’s Fo Hammer.  

Conversation forked to thought 21324

not really mark … i discovered how pronouns trap pepole into misinterperting … and the more they are used, the more people start running on fictional verses of each other.

in fact i remember when i discovered that.  long story … but to keep it short …  it happened  back in the early 70s when i was cavorting with some new aged hippy mystics in San Francisco and i noticed how the spiritual world that we were concocting was based upon misinterpertations of pronouns we were throwing around null

Sometimes this is bad. Sometimes this is useful. Sometimes it is even better to be able to have differences in your verses and not be aware of it because if you were aware of it you would think you have to argue about it and make it the same.  

Someday, probably soon, most people will be okay with others having different entire verses and we will all work from that point of view. Right now, because most people are still using the decaying universe model, makes pronouns a very useful tool by and large.  

See Richard Bandlers works for more on the usefulness of pronouns.

See Ericksonian Hypnosis for a trance or maybe go out & fuck the next donkey you see on the road or look in a mirror.

Well, it would seem that the great poet Rumi is of the same mind.

I remember mommy reading this to me mornings:
WHEN I look at the sun, then I think God’s spirit,
When I move my hand, then lives in me God’s soul,
When I take a step, then stirs in me God’s will.
And when I behold a man, then God’s soul lives in him.
And so too it lives in father and mother,
In animal and flower, in tree and stone.
Never can fear come near to me,
If I think — God’s spirit;
If I live — God’s soul;
If I bestir — God’s will.

ABOUT me live many beings,
About me are many things,
In my own heart also
Speaks God to the world.
And best of all speaks He
If I can love
All beings, all men.

As I think about it I can still hear her voice in my mind & know she was living it as she read! Thanks, Virgin. null

or Nate’s Egoo! nullnull – but maybe appreciate how the structure of un-curating works in some cases here.

If you have been keeping up with the news on that subject @mark, then you are aware that un-curating is in the plans and will come about when anyone’s, not necessarily my, verse queues it up as exciting. It could happen in your verse with or without me. I will happen in my verse when it is exciting to me, no sooner or later.   

Tell that to Hillary Clinton! She feels she needs to destroy the material securely. null

Good reason to not do it then. Who want’s Hillary using Fastblogit anyway? null

PR would say you create your selfie which needs & creates meaning for survival. (BofNK et al) . There is no meaning.  Something about psychology podcast. 

A Blast from the Past 12 years ago.

Yep. Good stuff (sans your shitting upon in a paragraph or two).

I fully agree with “strive for excellence, dedicate ourselves to the highest goals of our society”. What I think, is that most people internally interpret striving and dedicating to mean “do hard things”. I believe that excellence is our natural state and that our highest goals are transmitted to us through the emotion of excitement. Thus fully realizing all that is said in the above thought becomes the work of listening diligently to our inner guidance … granted, not something easily done … but not the hard work that pops up in most peoples minds when they think of dedication to excellence either … but just natural work in a direction few ever realize has value.

What’s so is what’s SO.  Your shit may taste like honey to you but could probably kill a skunk if not sanitized. GW taught me one thing & that is to a fine a sense of humor nothing (even you) is sacred. 

Sorry. Maybe it was different in the 1950’s, but what you seem to call fine humor is in these times just called shitting on someone or something … Rush Limbaugh’s sense of humor being about the same … possibly my Dad’s too. Times change, few people seem to keep up as they do. To me the fine art of living is changing with the times and the measure of it is how easily one integrates with the generation currently in their 20’s.

Think of how excited you were to find an old person interested and synced up with your views when you were in your 20’s … those who can do that as the generations move along are priceless!

XOR maybe you just think too much of your own opinions & lost your sense of humor. Nobody is going to pay for those null

Well that is the beauty (and the draw) of Thinking Coins™ … no need to have an opinion about it … the money trail will make it quite clear. null

We will see who’s thoughts matter to those who currently care.