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Apparently old facebook references to stuff here end up with item & permalink in the url.  This one’s url was:
http://fastblogit.com/permalink/?item=17099 in fb.

yeah apparently nathan does not care to preserve old URL’s here … just another thing that is #NotWorking here which is of tantamont importance

see also  google cool uris don't change … tag  #CoolUrisDontChange 

Well I don’t care much about #OldShit there but it will be nice to have one that works in the future so that we can cross breed fastblogit & facebook. 

well the new shit works ← which is the good news
new shit becomes old shit ← which is the bad news
#persistence is good, another word for #sustainable … i don’t care what the #Nowbies say.

I can add that pattern to the url parser … I quite frankly never knew about the /permalink/?item=id pattern … it was no longer being generated by the code when I came on board here … even if it was buried deep in your old tangled PHP parser which I never was able to figure out completely.

I don’t appreciate your “nathan doesn’t care to preserve old URL’s here”. You never asked if I cared about that pattern. I am very tempted to just say “fuck you seth” … but I did not.

well now you know null … i had thought such was quite clear in the old code … but apparently you missed it … no problem and no blame necessary #now … just nice to preserve the old uri … because  #CoolUrisDontChange indeed!

#FuckMe → @my friend … happily accepted null

I have no problem preserving reasonable patterns for old FBI … simply because you want it and it is a nice thing for you. In the new parser such patterns are regular expression based and very easy to find, write, and understand, and maintain later.

I don’t however, worship the idea that #CoolUrisDontChange … I see the web as a living organism and just like living cells, url’s come and go and change organically. The idea that #CoolUrisDontChange is mainly just one man’s plea to put the living web in a cage so that it can be examined from outside, like a zoo, or a museum, or a snapshot.

it is not just for me … it is for the health of the web itself … your own beliefs notwistanding.  

i too see the web as a living organism and as such things do need to fade away.   but those connections should fade away just to the extent that humans do not take #responsibility for sustaing them,  eg nobody hosts the destination of the URL.  that was in #TimBl design and it has served me and many others quite well indeed.  it is why many of the old thoughts here are still connected to the web.  one really does nedd to look at this from the perspective of larger durations of time. 

Statifying living cells is not healthy, it is called apoptopic necrosis. Living cells that grow out of control are also not healthy, it is called cancer.

A healthy web is a nice balance with controlled growth and attrition, just like a healthy body.

well not preserving URL patterns is #necrosis not #apopthosis … it is trama imposed by a careless developer. 

i have no idea how you are using “stratifying” in this context here … strafifying is differentiation in my book … how are you using it here?

Sorry. I really tire of these tit for tat word games you guys play. Life, real organic life, is not like these word games, and is not like a static embalmed web. Real, growing, organic life is always changing, always evolving, always mutating, very rarely the same in the same place for long, and even definitions and the language change over time. That is the truth, and the web nicely mirrors that truth, no matter how many people want both life, and the web, to be like #CoolUrisDontChange because they are personally seeking some kind of longevity, or stability, or immortality, in an ever changing system.

come on now, there is a tickelish edge between everything being in the flux of mere possibility … and the collapse of those possibilities into realities creating  even more possibility.  we would not even exist sans the latter even as we revel in the former.  the collapse needs to last for a while else the whole thing becomes mere chaos.

signed sum