The map is not the territory.

… all declarations to the contrary withstanding.

There are many excellent illustrations and memes of this on google → .

← i would have said it the other way around:  “a description of the world is not the world” ← bozo faust.


Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-18 08:19:06 [item 20933#52124]
Ha Ha! So what? It’s an Old semantic proverb . Try finding your territory without a map.
territory (n.) Look up territory at
late 14c., "land under the jurisdiction of a town, state, etc.," probably from Latin territorium "land around a town, domain, district," from terra "earth, land" (see terrain) + -orium, suffix denoting place (see -ory). Sense of "any tract of land, district, region" is first attested c. 1600. Specific U.S. sense of "organized self-governing region not yet a state" is from 1799. Of regions defended by animals from 1774. 

"Since -torium is a productive suffix only after verbal stems, the rise of terri-torium is unexplained" [Michiel de Vaan, "Etymological Dictionary of Latin and the other Italic Languages"]. An alternative theory, somewhat supported by the vowels of the original Latin word, suggests derivation from terrere "to frighten" (see terrible); thus territorium would mean "a place from which people are warned off."
← sounds like the musings of a cartographer laughing.

Incidentally, nobody is disparaging maps … don’t leave home without them.  Some say they are all we have … not me, however … for i actually believe in the otherness that i perceive through my senses.  I do not wish it away in favor only of the map within my head … rather “I go with what happens

Mark de Los Angeles 2016-05-18 09:55:37 [item 20933#52129]
Confucius say “He who confuses a picture of a cunt with a real cunt comes up with solution in hand” laughing