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Seth says

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says

Seth says

Seth says
This is an excellant video about how we “make shit up”.  I don’t know why #NathanBully is playing that his watered down meme should be on top.   Maybe i should make something up about him and we have this game of nastyness going … #yuck … feels like #decay to me … in other words, it feels like the breakdown of the social fabric between us through this media.


Mark de LA says

Si says
The real glossary term for #MakeShitUp is at thought (21754)

This one only got abused more.  

Seth says
not according to the actual usage stats as per the judgement of

Si says
Not interested in your “wiz” … keep that urin to urin self please.

Seth says
fact is that when i use this term and when mark uses this term this is what we mean … and we have used it more than you have used yours.

Seth says
i wish mark would edit this term and make it read better.   and perhaps remove some of his personal associations that are unexpressed and only he knows what they mean.

mark if you want i will do that for you.  do you want?

Si says
Fact is I created this whole ability to create glossary terms started by and with this specific term, my favorite, in mind. And I have done nothing wrong. I moved my term to my space so that it still gets coverage in my stuff until it can come back.

So keep your f’n piss off my comment please!

Seth says

Seth says
yes the system worked perfectly … #kudos all around null

Mark de LA says
Go ahead seth – i’m tired of the conversation on this topic. She is a human & has a wonderful diversity on such topics mentioned as her website elsewhere.  http://www.yourjoyologist.com/category/blog/yourjoyologistisms/ 
The one about #AlreadyAlwaysListening is a crisp one not expressed in many of the other ontologies.

Seth says

Seth says
#done null

Si says
Where are my comments about the nature of this thought? They should not have been able to have been removed from here, only hidden. If there is a hole in that security then kindly replace them and all is well. If someone is deliberately breaking the 3 laws, then the current ability to do so will be removed. Thanks!

Mark de LA says
I say otherwise – since I first used the meme image here at fbi.  The newer video explains a better relationship to the tag.  The angry kid meme is off-putting ; this one is positive & helpful in getting unstuck.
thumbs up It would be nice if SeriTD could talk as she does.

Seth says
i did not remove any of your comments here.

Mark de LA says
#MakeShitUp (comment 63378)  To wit:

I say otherwise – since I first used the meme image here at fbi.  The newer video explains a better relationship to the tag.  The angry kid meme is off-putting ; this one is positive & helpful in getting unstuck.
thumbs up It would be nice if SeriTD could talk as she does. #MakeShitUp
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.

Si says
Well, I remember a dialog here about why you guys thought this one was better … and Mark must have been reffering to something when he talked about my comments he didn’t understand (which is now missing as well). If you guys keep up this censoring shit I will remove all that ability.

Si says
You just have your rainbow panties in a twist about that I reframed the kid image in a positive light mark. No disrespect to this girl … she is awesome! But if I had not reframed it, you would still be using the kid one, mark my words. Your finding and using this one was only triggered by your discontent of my reframe.

Mark de LA says
#SSDD ! and #RWG

Mark de LA says
From her website a journal aid: (*)

Seth says
i have not removed … or even moved any of your comments.  ever i actually think. 

but yes i do remember some dialogue about this tag … it must have happened on another thought.

Seth says
well i don’t know about why mark uses this term but i do when i want to refer to the situations that are described in her video.  when i make stuff up in a creative way …. hopefully more and more … i would never use the term “#MakeShitUp” especially when it was not about something that i could or would do and rather about sombody else … like for example when sombody imagines something about me that i know for a fact is ill informed or downright false. 

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Check out who hides the info here. Not me.

Si says
To seth and mark,

I have now identified the formative and obtaining aspects of #MakeShitUp and #MadeUpShit. It should be clear now why each is named as it is and once understood, the correct glossary term should be reapplied to #MakeShitUp by unanimous agreement.

I realize that the Joy Girl called it Make Shit Up in her video … but it should be clear from my restitution that her doing so was a simple mistake, and that when we #MakeShitUp we are actually Making Shit Happen and what she was referring to is really #MadeUpShit which is filling in your own #spin on something. The first comment on #MadeUpShit #MakeUpShit (comment 65405) fully explains how to tell the difference.

Thanks in advance for your seeing clear to return my #MakeShitUp #MakeShitWork #MakeItHappen #MakeShitHappen to it’s proud and authoritative glossary position at the FBI.  

Mark de LA says
She was saying exactly what I identified with the tag #MakeShitUp .  Just because you want to munge around & dilute what was said there is just #Bullshit

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