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#OMG is there an #AppForThat ?

One of the things #SeriTD is working on. Believe it or not, mark is super useful in providing an environment to work such an app out in! #SeriTD thinks mark rocks!

(I probably would too if I didn’t have this pesky mirroring contract with him … but there you go, we conspired it before being born … such is life  ) 

Basically folks given your #RWG feedback I can make all my posts private &/or draft & you can talk amongst your selfs in an infinite #LOACorrectness circle. thumbs up It wouldn’t violate my thought 22021 either.null

#hmmm … now what in the above called forth that? #SeriTD was giving mark a big warm fuzzy complement … and it is very heartfelt by her!  

take a look at the diagram in the body of the item

Yes? You must be reading something into it I am not.

well mark,  it is right there in the diagram.   if you make all your stuff private, then we will just have to come to Paradise and kick the shit of you personally nullnull

#LOL … yes I see that!  

null If you can’t see what I write then – for what reason? Enjoy the Ego #puffoonery 

Ahhh, but we can see the pile of words growing! And by your own consistent example, as well as public admission, the pile has a relationship to what we value. Therefore → plane ticket to paradise!  

Ooooo, I do love to fly and vacation!

image appears broken in both Chrome and FF.

Yea, it expired from the remote cache. Happening more and more with images on the web these days.

not a good idea to use “remote cache” if we want our images to be persistent here. 

Eh. It is what it is. A good idea is as a good idea does. (what Forest Gump would have said)  

i had to double check … nope, that is Miami’s response, not Marks.   null

oh well, a transaction  interpereted as  partent → child will always get reflected back as same. 

it is human nature. 

i should expect nothing else.

in any case i will not see the image of #OOB which was my original concern.  #nbd 

I have no idea what all that rederick is about. I simply answered as I felt, had nothing at all to do with you, or parents, or children. You put way to much into things.

no problem, i know when to stop.

it is interesting to note the #OOB  in the following psychological transaction ...

1P → 2C
2p → 1C avoided
2A → 1A  instead

Yep. Much like a logic gate table. Perhaps useful if one is cataloging reality. I don’t see the value of it in having experiences however. Experience self generates to match one’s preceding thoughts, and state of being in, a moment … and can match lots of diagrams and tables, or even none at all.

Having an experience is being alive. Generating experiences is being creative. Humans can do both without categorizing and tabulating them. Bean counters enjoy!  

it is a lot more than “mere cataloging” … it is what one does … it is how one responds to hostile P→C transactions. 

try it some time … experience it some day, when i call you a childish  #asshole null

Means nothing ... except what meaning any particular person assigns to that label in that moment. All of your relationships require people to assign the same meanings to the same stimulus. We simply don’t have to assign any meaning other than the one that supports our experience to any stimulus. Thinking we have to assign the same meaning as the one providing the stimulus is the grand illusion people are hypnotized to follow. It is not required for elegant transactions with others … and in fact, detracts from the very elegance of the available transactions.  

People who assign meanings to stimulus which support that person automatically provide feedback to others that supports others and the whole system self replicates elegantly. It only takes one to start doing it and stop being hypnotized into same thinking patterns.  

Well i can go bare naked into a crows of strangers and interpret their laughs as cheers.  That does make for a great little drama of the moment.   My concern is what if everybody did that.  What would we make together.   Think of it like individuals being single neurons in a brain.  What if each neuron was not responsive to it’s externa inputs and output just whatever for its own sake.  Simulate that situation … google probably has a way … see if the total being survives.


Humans have done that many times in many ways. The “being” not only survives, it thrives! My most immediate experience of exactly that is the Love Burn. There is no Rule of Law at a burn, or only the minimum required for the supporting venue (for instance, the local Fire Dept required to be present with a truck during each main burn).

People enter a burn and do not leave. Once inside they are initiated to the principles of a burn (not laws, principles) and then left to be whatever they wish to be and interpret everything any way they want … and the event evolves and becomes the most cohesive and mutually satisfying group experience I have ever witnessed for large numbers (Love Burn had nearly 3000 people). Considering the radical expression that happens at a burn, and that there are virtually no accidents and injuries (the medic tent hardly got any traffic at all), it defies insurance statistics.

And incidentally, the Florida weather inspired lots of people to be naked, and some to have sex in public places, and yes, this was a family and child friendly event.

Assigning the meaning that supports YOU best to every stimulus does in fact work splendidly in groups and even large groups. It is not theory, it is tried and true and lovely to behold and experience.  

(*null ← #WhatIff

Exactly! What if? → then → Make it so! 

If it can be imagined, it already exists! Tune it in if you want to experience it.  

null Hmmm… I just imagined that nathan has his head up his own asshole …. counting down … 17 seconds … -3 …. -2 …...-1 ……
Maybe can use a picture of same as the new AcroYoga pose .

Perhaps you beat me to it!

I have no doubt that a burn like #LoveBurn  is fantastic to experience.  Going to a burn is certainly on my bucket list.

Intelligent culture did not evolve from such burns … me thinks, they are not sustainable. 

So the question becomes,  how long can you burn?

#Trump is a great example.   I am loving watching where that whole thingey goes.  ← as a voyeur.

Well if you haven’t noticed the analogy, a well established burn spreads and keeps spreading as more and more fuel becomes available to support it.

… and in fact, that is what is happening. Burning Man was the first. There are now more than 35 regional burns being held yearly across just this country and the number is growing and the attendance of each is growing every year and the successful spilling over of the burn ideology and experience into normal life is also growing … YES Island being but one that did spill over right now.  

#btw an #OOB response is a way to get out of a negative feedback loop.  it can be nested in a burn … or it can be nested in the wilds.  it is a useful tool in either case … a good trick to have in our bag of tricks. 

Conversation forked to thought 22935

Hey seth, this stuff really truly does work. It is tested. A burn is based, as much as possible, on the true nature of reality and interaction, not theory, not beliefs, not logic, as the traditional group dynamics you speak about are.

Burns come together of their own cohesive desire, burn bright and elegant and true, and dissipate without a trace, except the effect of the experience on each member. Literally, leave no trace is a principle, and if you walk the ground the day after 3000 people partied there for a week, you will find no trace, no trash, hardly even tracks … and no entity is assigned responsibility for that … it simply happens. Let’s see something even close to that happen in groups based on responsiveness, or responsibility, or consensus, or Rule of Law, or coordinated effort … humans have been doing those kinds of groups for thousands of years and they always require great structure to achieve something even as basic as “leave no trace” … where the simple idea that you are totally responsible for the absolute meaning of your own experience generates it naturally and without extra effort.  

the trouble with “leave no trace” is that it “leaves no tracenullnull

a burn … people “assigning no meaning other than the one that supports their own experience” … becomes just a local happening.  It does not scale.   It does not build.  It flares out … explodes … leaving nothing behind.  ← not my way.