Dinking Pictures for Speak To Me Catalog

zoom picture in ~/picture must be 370px in at least one dimension.
thumbnail picture in ~/thumb must be 170px in at least one dimension.

the highest resolution dinked picture is stored in goodle drive/picture
it shoud be SYMK but i may relax that restriction

probably simplest to use mac preview … just got to get the rhythm of it … a script would be nice, but programmers are too expensivenullnull

  1. Download picture to ~downloads namining it according to the product code
  2. open ~/downloads finder window and click picture into Preview
  3. dink cutting irrelevant images out of picture and adjusting color and contrast
  4. save (command s)
  5. Select dinked picture in downloads and copy it (command c)
  6. open finder window into ~users/SethRussell/Google Drive/picture
  7. paste in Google Drive (command V)
  8. Back in Preview app … change size for zoom picture at website
    • Tools/Adjust Size/… make 370 pixels in the largest dimension 
    • save
  9. re select picture in downods and copy (command C)
  10. Navigate the other finder window to ~/documents/speaktomecatalog.com/picture
  11. save the zoom copy (command V)
  12. Back to Preview app … resize the picture to one dimension max size 170 … and save
  13. re select the downloads and copy (command C)
  14. Navigate the other finder window to ~/documents/speaktomecatalog.com/thumb
  15. save the thumnail copy (command V)
  16. Ftp to speaktomecatalog.com/picture and upload the zoom
  17. FTP to speaktomecatalog.com/thumb and upload the thumnail
tag #SpeaktomecatalogCom #PictureSize #pictures #dink


Nice catalog! Got mine yesterday.thumbs up