The Meaning of Everything - The Immutable Laws

What is 42? *

  1. You Exist, and in some form you always will.
  2. The one is the all, the all is the one.
  3. What you put out is what you get back. (the #LOA)
  4. Change is the only constant … except for the first three laws.

Every reality, every experience, in every dimension, everywhere, everywhen, is some configuration of those 4 laws.


* the number 42 is by Douglas Adams, not Bashar, and inserted by d’A


One can easily see by this why the #LOA is so important, and why it infuses everything in some way or another. Because all the other immutable laws are static, but law 3, the law of attraction, is where our power lies. The #LOA is where we affect and create everything that is experienced by everyone in an infinitely complex dance of co-experience.

null Those “laws” are very particular to bashar and you.   They do not apply to me or most other people i know.

They do apply to you and everyone and everything you know. You may not understand them, and you probably don’t like what they would mean to your precious life in a box if you even tried to fully understand them. But they speak quite clearly on their own and are easy to see as the glue to any experience any human has … for those humans who dare to open eyes.  

your words would ring truer if you would speak for yourself ← me preaching back to you.

me, i call it #evil to make up shit stories about others ← which is my shit story about you .

#NuffSaid #MakeShitUp #preaching