Encountering Edges

As we go forward in time we do meet the Gods who travel in the opposite direction. 


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There are real #edges that I encounter in my life … birth, death, #duality, etc.  These edges i encounter shape me and my environment against my mere opinion.   So that i bump against these Gods as i move forward in my life #RingsTrue.

I see this as true as well.

I also see that this is a truth you only dabble in seth. I can see how you thread it as true, and I also see the God’s bumping directly into you right now and you at most feeling the little bumps and shrugging them off. Your life has flowed from a little stream of Gods into the now time where the Gods are flowing around us like a river … your experience is but a trickle of what you are awash in though.  

well i do not “shrug off” these edges … as they are edges they force the issue …. not my choice in the matter.  But #OMG sure, i interpret them according to whatever i make up and tell my story accordingly … as do you and every man jack of us.  

but i have found that some people try to “wish away” these edges in their story.  They tell a story which favors themselves.  None the less, the #Gods will prevail in the end … er, that is why we call them #gods relative to us they will not be denied … they are omnipotent. 

Why Focus on the the #edges – you miss the faces & the corners of a cube? XOR any other geometry ?
or MAP (since you are talking about one)
Via Breck @ http://cfrussell.homestead.com/files/roman_cube/Majors.htm 

A corollary also found on the original page: (same hex) 
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".... The question of illative force is controversial in some minds.  In our book every Ultimate Particle has Consciousness, a Category concomitant with others such as Unity, Extension, Persistence, Motion i.e. each UP has an Ego, whose function is JUDGEMENT, which is expressed as a "statement" or "equation" properly quantified & qualified.  Note that not the statement but its MEANING is what FORCES you to assent, i.e., if you are a reasonable person.  Speech & Reasoning are equivalent: See what I mean when I say "Look Jane see Dick" - two levels. "

Interesting notion Ultimate Particle – (of the universe?) : #UP #UltimateParticles

well that is a different kind of edge, mark.   that edge is in the model.  the edges i am talking about are the Gods that #GW refered to in his statement in the body of this though.

#btw i agree with you that the edges in the (a) model are very useful to contemplate.   Take for example my new one … which for me replaces #GW’s cubes … er, sorry about that, my story, my model null

for example we can think of nathan’s feeling of excitement causing #doing as an arrow from #feeling → #doing along the edge of the tetrahedron.

… or we can think of #PR’s the mind commands and the body follows as the edge between #thinking → #doing

there are lots of other changes that actually happen that can be easily mapped to edges on this particular tetrahedron model of #psychology 


Yep, mostly your abstractions i.e. #abstractia – when you get to real things like cubes you see more. 

mind telling me why you think a cube model  is real and a tetrahedron model is abstract?   …. or are you just flapping your lips?

I have 2 cubes on my side table. null

the 4ness of the things modeled was what created the tetrahedron.   There is 4nesses in the cube too, but there are 6 or them.  I have yet to find all of them in one gestalt.   Then too in the 4 sides of a face one cannot move from each of them to each other of them as you can in a tetrahedron.   Those were restrictions which dictated the selection.

The three dimensions of the cube, salt, quicksilver, and sulfur … do correspond to thinking, feeling, and doing … but where is the world? … where is otherness.   in my gestalt the three dimensions do not gestalt without that 4th dimension.   Which was another restriction selecting the tetrahedron.

Yep, Grammar of Changes has all kinds of lattices & multi dimensional stuff to fit whatever you choose to analyze . Enjoy!  Remember it is YOU that is doing the mapping – in the real world stuff has unity & is holistic depending upon what you choose for context & focus.

Well of course i would not forget that it is me doing the mapping … which is something that did not even need to be said.

The trick is to make the model reflect the “unity & wholeness” and whatever beauty one can grock from the “real world”.   The fun starts when you can twist the model around and see things in it, and then look back to the real world and see those same relationships there.  Scientist do that all the time with theire models.  Well, guess what, we can do it with our own psychology and lives as well.   #GW did that when he gestalted the cube.  It is a fun game … that does not need to get too serious … and certainly never never reify the model.   Please trust me when i tell you that i am not making that error. 

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i do not understand your response or your mirth.

#nbd … maybe you didn’t even mean it … maybe it doesn’t mean anything  ….

#IDoNotKnow … maybe it is just a #PissingInTheWind … a connection to nothing …

a trick to #do what ...

… OR maybe an excuse to just say #BuhBye null null

Apparently there is website on the inside outside edge:
Nice clickbait here → (**) on facebook  – go the site & the second video sounds (& looks) like it claims everything & sounds like Nate . null

There are several parts on YouTube

Eh, that’s just “the force” … but it is still cool! (even if not the same thing and even if Yoda is cute)  

Whatever , everyone’s got their own brand ™

Well that is the thing you see. #LOA is not a brand. It is one of the 4 principles, or laws, upon which everything that happens in experience is configured. That is something quite different from a branding, or a religion, or a philosophy, or a school of thought. All these other things, you see, are structurally built upon the workings of #LOA. See The Meaning of Everything - The Immutable Laws for the whole scoop.