YES Island

Me, and a bunch of highly successful fellow Yessers (people who follow their excitement) got together at the Love Burn and have decided to co-excite “YES Island”. This will be a lot like the old 70’s TV show Fantasy Island, except that people will come to have many experiences that enrich them with the value of following only one’s excitement and how to recognize one’s own authentic excitement. Auxiliary events such as YES Burns and Yes Vacations and may other Yes based interconnections will generate considerable additional income and future followings. (For instance, The Love Burn generated over $350K, and Transformus over $500K, for single events and the current interest in new and progressive burns is in massive growth).

Here is the top choice Island to buy. It’s in the Malaysian Pacific and is only 5 million. It is 67 acres with 1/3 flat land and beaches, already developed bungalows and a mansion, and many attributes for easily creating a wealth of different kinds of yes-finding experiences. A key reason for owning our own island is that to truly and easily teach the value of one’s yes as the only guide to all life experiences, the Rule of Law must be fully mutable, and essentially not exist at all for those who graduate to the yes understanding.  

Yes driven investors welcome. Many more details being developed #OOB the public channel and will be filtering in as their vibration stabilizes. Enjoy!

p.s. highly excited about the #TD platform being used as the centralized YES focusing mechanism online. This could perhaps generate revenue and exposure for #TD’s.  


see “OOB channel” on twitter

i don’t see anybody tweeting in the #OOB channel about “Yes Island”,  except me

so i am wondering if the burn ignited in that channel.