Yes Mark

Yes mark, you decided that you wanted to wake up and have more of your own attention set upon yourself today.  
The idea of enlightenment is the egos greats goal.
Delusion of grandeur.
How could a fictitious character rid itself of itself.
It can happen that the brain figures out that this character is fictitious.
The character is the only place you exist.
The investment can shake off.
But processes, meditation and methods actually perpetuate the myth.
There’s no escape.
This is it.
When has it ever not been like this.
If you are invested in this self as real you dont want to hear this.


I like this poem null … it rings true. 

Especially, “How could a fictitious character rid itself of itself?”  … but yes it can be done.  I  know.  I do it all the time null

Who wrote the poem and in what context ?

#NoI – perhaps the dual or higher-self some speak of (RS) – the consciousness soul will get grocked here some day.

Yes, the story goes that that one does not make up “the dual or higher-self”  just like one makes up the lower ones. 

#huh ?

Well is that not the story?  Does RS tell a story of a dual which humans just make up?  I think not.  

So my statement is true,  “the story goes that that one does not make up ‘the dual or higher-self’  just like one makes up the lower ones”. 

What is there to question about my statement? 


Your original sentences gets no clearer by repeating them. RS does mention doubles in each of the 4 bodies, but I was not specifically referring to it.  Stories & #MakeShitUp stuff not my thingy to deprecate with.  The only impression I am left with from the so-called poem is someone is doing an #aug on enlightenment – probably someone who isn’t.  null
A.C. has the phrase which hints at the point of having an Ego: 

28. None, breathed the light, faint & faery, of the stars, and two.

29. For I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union.

30. This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all.

Liber Legis I,28-30 A.C.

BTW – the process is called evolution & goes along with the rest of evolution.

well i find AC’s 28-30 consistent with my belief:  “it is the #duality which creates the #Ego.”

Yet the stories that i tell of my side of that duality are the #CreativeNonfiction that i live by … people even say that constructs my reality and/or my experience.  Knowing that i can make or break those stories myself, is for me, quite enlightening. 

Glad you can #MakeShitUp so that you can feel yourselfie #LightenUp nullnull