Cloward-Piven or Clog the System

Lefties lost the 2016 Election. null Having lost both the executive & the legislative majorities all that is left (pml double meaning) is to slow down progress & change with the legal system, riots & demonstration & fake news & lies: Cloward-Piven in action! See also thought 22932 for more details. Onward Dystopia.null


which of course is the #CreativeNonfiction which is being told by the so called “right”.  
and the same story told by the so called “left” about 8 years ago null
← just saying
#btw i am exercising and/or exploring the use of the term #CreativeNonfiction ← tis true over here nullnull

It is also true that “Not all differences on a issue have the same value to different people”.   #SoWhat ??
#btw #RonHubbard was correct,
truth is what is true for you” ← #RonHubbard …
sorry that is all you get” ← seth

XOR you are obsessed with your #CreativeNonfiction coin.  Not all differences on an issue have the same value,

Check your latest #MoralEquivalence & #MoralRelativism leftie for the details. 
 ← Good question #AlreadyAlwaysArguing

Then too there is Obama’s OFA – community organizer Obama obstructing from outside the White House.  Too bad the tea party never got down to strategies & tactics of the left when he was president. Too bad Republicans & conservatives tried to get along instead of continuing to fight.
TOO GOOD the left lost the election! null