Down the slippery propoganda slope to Dictatorship

Trump’s national security actions ‘will not be questioned’.

Stephen Miller senior advisor to Donald Trump

null Here is another respected republican speaking out about this slippery slope to Dictatorship
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FAKENEWS leftest meme.  #BozoMeme 
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don’t be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

if he is successful, you may #regret your words.  hopefully he will flame out before America goes the way of 20th century Fascism and the whole thing flames out. 

Leftists can’t get over calling eveyone they disagree with “Hitler”, Nazi, or dictator. 
There are masses of fake twitterers trying to spread your dictator & hitler ideas.
#barf X 1000

well when history repeats, it repeats … watching it happen again and not speaking out is just stupid.  go the way of the European sheep in 30’s and enjoy the consequences like they did. 

Obama did it differently & kept all of his executive orders under wraps as much as he could. null
I prefer transparency better. 

obama tactics were not those of a dictator … not even close. 

Neither are trumps – your brain has been sponging up the Obama propaganda.

Obama schemes behind scenes...
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Basically Trump is doing what he campaigned for & said he would do & the American Election validated by giving him a WIN & as he was sworn in to DO! 
That’s a bit different that Obama & you folks are used to. 

well i will give him that … he is doing what he said he would. 

my complaint is what his is doing and how he is doing it.

Hitler did the same exact thing … and in the same way. 

And yes i know that there is a meme against saying such. 

Just like there is a meme against saying,

“The Emperor Has No Clothes”. 

#EmperorHasNoClothes null  Sally Boynton Brown

DNC chair candidate says her job is to ‘shut other white people down’

‘My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege’

#thanks → @Leigh4dNW

#PhotoShit here’s one of comparative value: nullnull

Black Lives Matter co-founder appears to label white people ‘defects’ 

I think over the years I have provided solutions & principles that can improve the state of politics & relationships between government & the people. A lot of them are in threefoldness ideas & issues like racism transparency etc. If you folks want to pursue anti-trump streams you are wasting time. For every negative meme I can come up with examples from the Obamaworld – (still active) & visa versa.  

You said that to say what … do you mean “any criticism of #Trump is a waste of time”  ?  … or that it is a waist of your time to read it in group politics and that your ideas here are the only ones that matter to you?

#shucks, let me know, i don’t like to post ideas in groups that are already closed minded.  I had thought that this group was open.


BTW – Hitler tried to conquer Europe.  Trump wants to withdraw  from the world’s policeman role. 
Xenophobia against Trump is A LIE!  Obama wanted the UN to police the US.

well the solution is clear,  if #Trump attempts to use dictatorial powers, #impeach him. 

Thing is this is a slippery sloap we are on here.  Its like how do you boil a live toad … you raise the temperature ever so slightly so the toad does not notice.   Politically  you do that with words … words like, …

Trump’s national security actions ‘will not be questioned’

The truth of the matter is that they should be questioned, just like every other president that we have ever had in America where we do not tolerater dictators.

Trump is no more a dictator than Obama. Your lies notwithstanding.  
You folks on the left LOST THE ELECTION
Good luck with impeachment .  Couldn’t even impeach Bill Clinton for lying under oath about sex with Monica to the American People.

whatever about somebody else ...

but should #Trump’s national security actions “ever be questioned’ ?  

Can you answer that question directly, honestly and objectively?

About what? Crank it up dude!

Does something rise to the level of Hillary Clinton’s emails & Lies about Benghazi ?

well the context here was the ban on travel from those 8 countries.  Those “security actions” were questioned by the state of Washington et all and the courts. 

← that is about sombody else.  it is an error of thought to bring it up here in this context. 

bringing up the actions of another to justify your actions of your group is one of the #fallacies … strange how that is almost always the first thing you do when you think about politics.

The statute is clear – no ban was authorized.  See: 
Obama & others created pause in immigration or supported same.

THe point was good luck with impeachment! null Previous regime lied & people died & classified material was disclosed. So far no laws broken.  President has the authority to pause immigration. Immigration is not a purview of the judicial.

well anyway …
the court has prevented this “security action” from being implemented …
it has been questioned null
Stephen Miller’s propoganda statement null notwistanding   …
dictatorship denied null

Your leftist court didn’t apparently read the law.  

the law is what the courts rule that it is.

The statute is already written & it is clear. Dictatorship of unelected judges?

well that is the living constitution which we follow. 
it is the check and balance of power
which makes America not a dictatorship. 

THe US Supreme Court is the final legal authority NOT the 9th circuit which has been reversed more than any federal appeals court. To modify the constitution requires amendments go read it.
See also this

Neither the judge in Washington State nor the court has offered anything approaching a detailed discussion of 8 U.SC. §1182 (f), the law which specifically gives the president authority to suspend the entry of any aliens into the U.S. if he believes their entry would be "detrimental to the interests of the United States."  Unless this statutory provision is unconstitutional, the president has acted completely within the law.

XOR read this detailed analysis of the law mentioned above: null


WOW! didn’t get enought of this shit on the original post? Obsessive-Compulsive meds running low?

i just clarified what i said … now it should even pop right out at you.   what happens is that the language slowly changes … black become white … they become our enemies … our enenies are our friends … fear this … fear that … buy Trump is making America Great (woopse have not yet gotten to that one) …  yadayadayada.  repeate it enough and people actually start to believe it. 

… try believing something that makes more sense … #Trump’s powers and actions can and should be questioned whether they are security related or not.

Question away !  Venom & hate is a bit much.  The Hitler meme is just plain fucked! (I already explained that) . null

McCain lost the election & is mostly a Rhino. Why listen to him at all? null

Mark, is that a @realDonaldTrump  retweet ? … i will need to do a search … i could have sworn that i heard him say almost those exact words. 

ok, well here is the closest one that i can find … not #Trump himself, but one of his supporters …

← well it’s close
hey mark, you prolly could get paid by the #Trump team for tweeting … you have a knack and a smell for it …

why not share in the wealth null

probably more #twitt-fakies- not my job to trace’m down.

nope, @tomtomokie is not  #fake … he is just a #Trump supporter.  

best to understand before emoting, eh?

… fake supporter then …  anyway McCain has parlayed his capture after shoot down into a political career & lost the presidency. Had he saved a whole lot of people he might be a hero. Undoubtedly he was killing them from the air. War is Hell & Shit! Mostly politics by other means. 

Countries where McCain has called for US Military Intervention