Would you believe, my friend, that there are some people who actually think they can change their life through "pretending it better"? 

Yep, and we call them masters. 

In awe of you, 

    The Universe


absolutely! … i am not all that sure that there is a distinction that makes a big difference between #pretending and #doing.   i mean pretending is doing … with perhaps a lack of commitment.  one cannot tell about the commitment from #outside … but as to the effect of each it does not matter … unless of course one telegraphs their lack of commitment … but then they are just pretending badly null

There are so many things odd & bizarre & in the statement by nathan that I hesitated to thread a reply.  nathan does like to pretend – a lot of the time – to be a guru or initiate.  Changing my life is not my thingy – nowbies, millenials & #new-age-Internuts seem to want to focus on doing so. There is nothing to change my life into – it is meaningless ontologically speaking – the only thing otherwise is death. 
More Zen folks – less #EgoJuice #puffoonery .  seth is right about pretending – nuthouses are full of people pretending they are Jesus Christ or Napoleon or perhaps the reincarnation of Genghis Khan .

there is nothing odd & bizzare about changing my life … i like to feel good inside … i like to have spirits flow amazingly from #inside to #outside and from #outside to #inside … changing what is happening in that direction is not bizzare at all … it is what i think, feel, and do …. how could you think it bizzare, mark? … whether you do it yourself or not.

Strange use of brackets my friend null

Too little zen seth – you never really change your life .  Change is just stirring the soup.  I am even these days giving up the idea of transformation although it is more correct.  Just because you add more words to your own #PilesOfWords or more chunks to the soup doesn’t mean you accomplish anything.
You are still protecting a selfie .  Here is an aforementioned point on selfies by PR: null 
XOR tread on with your own illusion. Enjoy!

#shucks @mark, i change all the time … what you describe above is #ContraFactual to my experience.  In fact it is that change which drives me forward … it is the thrust of my life … sans that thrust towards change i would not be me.  maybe i’d be you null

where? i do not see me using brackets in this thought or comments. 

At the core you are still protecting you pool of #Egoo . Anyway point pissed away!  XOR missed!

@Nate used it in the body of the item , putting the word author between brackets so that it landed on my name. 

well what was the point that i missed?  

That you think i live to “protect my pool of #Egoo”  seems to me to be more just something that is about you and not about me at all … maybe talk about yourself from the first person and your words will have more of a ring of truth over here … and er, maybe even to you yourself.

So how does his first sentence start for you ?  this is how it reads to me ...

Would you believe, Seth, that ...


I would probably not noticed it except this showed up in my daily briefing:

#thanks → mark, but could you answer directly the specific question that i asked in (comment 72266) ? … otherwise i would need to log on as somebody else and see if “Seth” changes to that other author.

Of course not . #AlreadyAlwaysArguing protects the #Egoo from disappearing into enlightenment ← a subject for another time & place.  #RWG is just a weak sister – the #Egoo pourer (Aquarius perhaps) plays for keeps! 

okay, but your belief that i was serving my #Egoo in the context above was just your own subjective reaction.  

my point is that i change. 

#KEWL – suck on that tit as long as the milk of #Egoo flows. null

So now we know …. if you examine the HTML of what nathan wrote you can see how he did it …
<span class="author-name">Seth</span>

so we all can do that now … but i doubt we can do it without going into HTML mode.

#thanks → mark for noticing … i saw it as peculiar myself, but just accepted it as it was and did not investigate.

or maybe we can … what say you my friend ?

well that particular #juice, my friend, does not flow over here at all … in fact i would consider it quite off topic. 

null He who has lost his sense of humor may experience a lack in memory, loss of hearing & acquire a stomach ache . Take the meds.

I did not write html like that seth, I wrote exactly what Mark said.

I wrote [author] and it is translated to <span class="author-name">Seth</span> by #SeriTD.

I told both of you about this a month ago when I put it in, but it seems to be one of those many things you guys never focus on that I write.  

yep i missed it when you said it … i wonder how much i miss that people say … i wonder how much people miss what i say too.

Well, it was said here  (comment 71355)

Notice that I tagged both seth and mark in it directly and even added later that you guys didn’t seem to be reading it.

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