A deeper understanding of American intelligence via the PDB

Well the headline is designed to get our attention.  But the analysis in the body of the article rings true and seems based upon facts and is well worth a detailed read.  

I still would like to see this memo itself, who wrote it, who’s purpose did it serve, and to whom was it addressed.  Otherwise i have no reason not to conclude that the proposition in the headline of the Mother Jones article,  is just another case of journalistic #MakeShitUp. 

Conclusion from the article ...

Priess agrees the length and style of the daily brief is not necessarily cause for worry, but he points out that when a crisis hits, the president may be less prepared if he’s not getting the extensive analysis his predecessors received. "There may be more need for the backstory and the explanations during the crisis than he would have if he absorbed more assessments every day," Priess explains. "The caveat to that, of course, is if he would simply not read anything if more assessments were put in front of him, if he would just not bother to read it at all because it did not fit his style, then it would be counterproductive anyway."

conclusion of article
My conclusion ...

Ignoring stories which contradict our own, 
may be one way to run a small individual life …
i don’t think it is a good way to run a large diverse country. 

Seth Russell

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FYI, POTUS can classify & declassify anything. He is the highest classification authority as Commander-in-chiefnull

P.S. If one does not trust the intelligence agents or the information they provide why waste time with them?
e.g. here at fastblogit (fbi) there are those who do not want to hear about null(s).

well obviously i do not think it wise for developers of group fbi to ignore negative experiences of those using this tool.   apparently they use #LOA philosophy to justify this ignoring for themselves.  i think that points to some problems in that philosophy.   just as it points to some problems with #trumps attitudes towards the #pdb.

What do the initials PDB stand for?  Apparently it is a meme for lefties to complain about.

#pdb = “President’s Daily Briefing” … which is how the intelligence agencies communicate to the president … and i assume visa versa. 

OK I finally decoded it while taking a piss, thanks.    It is a management style.  When I had a particularly intensive project to QA as manager I could have many people vying for my attention at once. I remember one time when I had 3 or 4 in my tiny cubicle & several waiting at the doorway to get in. I could answer them all in one big meeting XOR I could assume they are going to do their job & bring the important shit to my attention when needed. A repeat meeting daily which does not change the info is a waste of time.  I assume I can drop in anytime I need . etc….. null 
One would have to have been a manager or leader to understand.  The PDB probably is a thing that intelligence people curry favor to be part of which may obscure other contrary pieces of information or over-emphasize attendees’ importance. 

They probably spell briefing differently. ← A deeper understanding of American intelligence via the PDB (comment 72260)