Mark de LA says ...
Summary statement in pgs 77 of Znuz is Znees 1st & 2nd edition following a lot of projective geometry pages.

To sum it all up in a short epigram often quoted to me by my step-father, a red-haired herring-choker – (C.F.R.)



Yea, well that’s just plain stupid. Shit is not 6.

This is like most of C.F.R.’s stuff. He had some brilliant moments, but most of his stuff is just crass crap, a guy getting off on the dribble from his own brain.

Sorry, but it’s true #IMHO. Don’t take my word for it, simply look at his effect in the multiverse.

well that is a big, long and broad one as such judgments go.  in general, however, i have the same opinion.   but perhaps one should look outside of some of his literal productions, in a different context,  for #cfr’s actual  “effect in the multiverse” … especially since lots of those effects are now #inside me null

pondering i’m beginning to think that i should judge your effect in the multiverse in the same manner null

#btw, shit + 2 = 8 is a joke null … you are the first person i know to have done the math null