The C.F.R. Channel

You guys have often talked about how I relate to you similar to #GW (aka C.F.R.). It came up again today and is often used synonymously with the Parent Child model, although it is really a much more specific channel … #GW was a very specific guy with a very exact way of delivering information.

Well, I would say yes. I do believe that is correct. I will say that it is the only channel both mark and seth have open today. I would say that each has closed down all other channels of information entry into their being. The #GW channel, for whatever reason (explore elsewhere if you like), is the only channel that is still open. It is a really poor channel to use for these kinds of information I am delivering, I would fully agree, but it is all we have to work with, so we do our best, on both sides.

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I have had over a dozen mentors including my father & with all that my own individual spark. No thanks on your beliefs! 
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Okay. I will free myself of these beliefs. Will you?

No #TuQuoque dude! I do what I wilt!

Very well Aleister. null

well i am so over #GW.   What i am not over is how our culture relates to the #SpiritualWorld vs the #PhysicalWorld … which is not something that #GW came up with … #GW’s version came from  #RS and #ac … and in general from traditional #religions themselves stretching back to our orign.  The opposing, “channel” as you call it is #aug’ed by the former as #materialism.   I am not over those #FightClubs because our culture is not over them.   Although my story might sound more like the latter than the former … it is a blend … and picks what seems to work for the peculiar story that my life is telling … and will not be “over” until i myself am over.

Some of the #LOA and  #WABBET and even #nathanian “channels” (i prefer to call them #stories) are in fact quite different.  They are quite interesting.  I am absorbing more of those as i live.  But just like the other 2 channels, i will pick and choose which assumptions work in my own story … thank you anyway.

#btw there are even other stories told by respected #philosophy of our culture … i am not blind in those channels … notwistanding that present company seem not to notice them at all.

#thanks → nathan for the tag

OK Esther