Moving from 2 to 3 dimensions - comment 72459

Miami says ...
I have related several such stories right here over the last year. In all of these stories the direct changes are observed by multiple people.

Yes, I know you don’t experience it. And I know you don’t experience it because you don’t believe it. In everyday life, belief is required. There are a few kinds of extreme experiences where belief is not required … or rather, is superseded by more immediate and fundamental beliefs.

You believe that doing effects world is the only way. Actually I know you don’t believe that so much as that you really, somewhat desperately, want that to be true. You have a great stake in it. Same result though. I am telling you that I experience other ways and that doing effects world is only one of them. I am saying that this is one of the borders of your box. You make a left turn whenever you come to this border. You could choose to actually change your state of being and then you will have the experience of circumstances changing and you will know in your being that there are other ways as well, but you choose not to do that. You choose to turn left, even though you are consciously aware that going straight ahead will very likely provide you with an alternative experience.


#LOL … (1) well your #magik is not working on me. 
Sorry maestro, i have my own … and it is not a cartoon null

… and strangely enough your already know that, or you are tone deaf.  So that all your sentences starting with “You” that you have written above, which you know to be false because of (1) above, are actually #lies to me. 

There is that level of conversation that we have had on this topic.  i am not interested in continuing with it.   Especially since there is a more interesting conversation we could have about the magic of #creation if you would talk only about yourself.   Of course we don’t even need to talk about it,  we can just create some magic together.


That is the point seth. My #magik is not supposed to work on you, by contract. That is why I treat you as I do, the way you think is contrary to the concepts I present. You wanted to build a nearly perfect box and then tear it down on your own from the inside. All I am allowed to do is bang insistently on the walls and shout, by agreement, only to awaken you. If I were to actually use #magik on you, it would not be the experience you signed up for.

your still doing it … #BuhBye … or maybe learn yourself how to do #magik