Megaphone vs Free Speech vs Political Correctness

The players in the electronic communication & Internet world, the megaphone of the Main $tream Media, the Internet including Facebook & Twitter et al; have a very loud megaphone which drowns out the individual. Political correctness creating the narrative of same & paid advertisers who work in those channels throttle what I would call Free Speech.  Political correctness otoh attempts to corrupt language itself. Have fun with the recent white privilege meme if you are confused.

Can there really be free speech anymore ?


Donald Trump thinks so. He calls it Twitter.  

Nah! for a cheap political remark you forget that Twitter is part of the megaphone null

Someone included Twitter in the list, for their own agenda reasons, but I don’t personally see Twitter as the same as the rest. What comes through is supposedly uncensored in any way and each person chooses what interests them to listen to and most choose based on recommendations by peers. Even FB is not that full of individual choice and selection and lack of censoring.

And I believe the ads are not a big factor … mostly ignored and rarely involved with feed choice no matter what the advertising companies say about it.

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i agree … twitter and other social media is a whole new ball game relative to broadcast TV etc.  

I actually like that #Trump is speaking himself direct from his twitter feeds bypassing the #MSM.  At least i know what he is saying himself, whether he is telling #lies or not.

I agree, except the part about if he is telling #lies or not. That is the one thing we simply don’t know about Trump. To tell a #LIE, Trump has to tell something that he does not believe intending to deceive. We plain and simply don’t know what Trump believes. He guards that well, probably deliberately, so that we can never truly judge if he is #lieing or not. It’s just a mystery.

yep, like i said it does not matter to me that he is telling lies or not in his twitter feed.  i just like that i can hear him say whatever himself and not stand behind an organization of pr-profesionals.  i like that #Trump is candid and agree he is  #authentic in that regard.

I determine myself whether to believe the so called “facts” he projects into his reality.  Mostly i choose to believe other ones based upon my own research.   You already know that i do not like that reality that he is leading America into.  Your philosophy seems to suggest that i can just choose  America’s reality to be that which suits me better.  But i can not choose a reality for America … that ship has already sailed … i can only choose a reality for myself … and the reality i choose for myself has almost nothing to do with anything #Trump says or does … except for its entertainment value … and the value of what is happening in that #world for examples to use.

You cannot choose America’s reality … but you can choose yours, including which version of America’s reality you will experience. Many are available in every moment. Up to now, you are simply letting random chance, and force of the media you are exposed to, make the choice for you.  

Well if #Trump starts a war with #ISIS and #Iran … as i believe he will …. and puts up real barriers to free international trade to advantage some over others, as he says that he will … and those events touch my personal life, then that will be the reality that i experience in the #world.  Oh sure i will adapt and that adaptation will be my reality … that will be my choice.  But if #Trump takes America to war, it is not my choice to choose that there is no war.  Such a version of reality, such an experience,  would be in #LalaLand.

Answering a question elsewhere:

Ami Horowitz Documentary: Sweden is Now Europe’s Official “Rape Capital”…

Well, #IfPigsCouldFly … for #FrogsHadWings null or If Bozo were not a Leftist ….

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You folks completely missed the point of the drowning out of individual speech by loud obnoxious megaphones of the narratives & memes – some of your own these days.  

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All sides are guilty too!

The process illustrated by the Russia contact meme crisped up in 13 steps: 

The Basic Formula For Every Shocking Russia/Trump Revelation ← the Medium, eh?  – note sometimes the urls won’t get linked until the 2nd or 3rd try.  

Another interesting thingy is how CNN is looking through the windows of the White House & making up stories about what is going on ….. peeping toms at CNN null 

Black is White NOW XAND White is Black:  null

Maybe the Clue is somewhere in this book: