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Miami says ...
Well, try it and see seth. Be scientific about it. You have worked with your own beliefs … example here About: How to use or misuse belief ... - comment 53698.

Try, see what happens.  

Truly, you would like to avoid war, right? What harm could it do if you try to avoid war by nudging your beliefs? Will it break you in some way to give it a try and see what happens?
Okay seth. I will make the change. It is a yes for me at this time and will be an excellent live example. For this, a very appropriate technique is #hooponopono. Watch the video here in full please #Hooponopono. I will use the classic technique Dr. Hew Len used without modification. I will not do anything physical or have any contact with Trump or anyone in the Middle East or in fact, any other humans than you on this subject. That is one reason for using this technique, it fully meets your requirement that there is no physical #doing involved in order for beliefs, and circumstances, to change. #Hooponopono is also well suited to sharing results with others, i.e. maintaining verse sync. Furthermore it is an excellent choice where anger, fear, violence, ambition, and any other strong negative emotion drives circumstances.

For this next week I will study the situation 3 times each day for 15 minutes each and do #hooponopono. Please verify by watching the video that you understand what will be happening.

In my experience, 3 times a day for one week is more than enough to cause significant change in any circumstances that exist now and to avert war. Dr. Len worked upon his patients (energetically only, no physical contact) for several months, but understand that those were many individual patients and they were seriously mentally ill being mentally aberrant to the highest degree that can be diagnosed. We are only dealing with anger and ambition in this situation.

You are welcome to supply pointers, below in the comments, to circumstances you feel a strong YES about changing on this subject. But remember, the goal here is to select for us a verse where Trump does not take us to war in the Middle East, not to remove Trump from office or change any other circumstances surrounding him.


I have no idea what is going on “out there” in the verse you are experiencing, still know nothing about this subject or have a clue why you think Trump will be taking us to war, but for the record, note that I already started #hooponopono at 6:35pm EST today. I was in the car picking up the flower sales force when I decided to undertake this task and that is the time any changes in circumstances will reference to.

okay i certainly can go with what your are thiking there …. just exactly as you specified itnull

Strngely enough at about the same time i thought of a even more scientifically controlled experiment that we could do.  Nothing quite so grand as preventing a war.  Take a much smaller example of something happening (or not happening) in the #world that we could change in a much shorter timeframe … eg like a stock hitting a specific price … anything that could be very small and yet definitely determined objectively whether it happened or not.  Then we would even make a group for it, or at least a hash tag, and both of us would think and/or emote using whatever tecniques that we could find.  i do best when i write it … those are my meditations … and nobody is looking at fastblobit so it would be quite private enough relative to the physical cause of the event.

Yes. And realize that all of this “magic” is intimately tied to one’s own beliefs and anxieties. That is why it is hard for science to repeat it … because things like an individuals anxieties are not taken into account.

I have no anxieties about changing the circumstances of war. To me war is simply human drama that people set up to have experiences in. Nothing to it, easy for me to work with. On the other hand, I have great anxieties about things like the stock market. I once lost 2.25 million in the stock market from the sale of Tame … I have not cleaned up all those anxieties … yet.

The choice has to be something I can easily do, like changing war, not something I find hard to do. Size does not matter, it is as easy to manifest a button as it is a castle, what does matter is personal emotional attachment and beliefs.

there is also the distinction between prediction and cause to be factored into the experiment.  i predicted that sometime trump’s term he will take us into a war.   in a way that is already happening, he is escalating the war with ISIS.  so that is not even a prediction, that is action in progress … and as things go, that will hair into many events and even explod into them.   but i am not so very sure that will be enough for trump.  the other possibilities are Iran and North Korea. 

bear in mind that all of that is not thought to cause change, but rather thought to predict.  it is based upon my understanding of history.   i am not so very sure that we could teas out our own effect on happenings so large and so hairy.

All of those are simply circumstances. One can change any circumstances without physical doing. You specifically said you don’t want Trump to take us to war with ISIS and you said you believe it will happen. So, either of us, can change that circumstance and once it is changed you will have the possibility available to change your belief.

This is not about war or ISIS or prediction. It is only about changing circumstances by doing energetic work (prime work) not physical work (reflection) and all the other details don’t matter, could be anything.

well i have no wants regarding war with ISIS … one way or the other.   that was a prediction, not a want.  and like i said, it is already happening.  and even trump promised he would wipe out ISIS.   i think that ship has already sailed.  so if you can change that, it will be more like stopping a fast moving train.

Iran and North Korea have not already become a shooting war.  So possibilities are in flux. 

I do understand that this is about changing circustances in the #world with thought and reflection alone.

obviously i am not yet participating on the positive refelection to cause change on this war issue.  so far i am just trying to understand what you would be changing.  as soon as i understand i will be quit happy to support and participate in the positive reflecion itself.

There is a big difference between predicting where a projectile which is already in the air will land … and changing the angle at which it was fired.

Watch the video. After you really understand what #hooponopono is and how it’s done, then I can better explain exactly what will change.

And please watch the video soon so that you can then provide background information – the equivlent of the case files on the patients in the video. Thanks!

Okay. This has been done. Let me know what verse you find yourself in.  

what has been done?

???? --- how is that not obvious to you? Read the thought.

well its a long thught and quite old … might take me a while.   and then it would still be a matter of interpertation. 

on first blush … i am still in the universe where we are relatively rapidly going to war in the middle east … and maybe even in North Korea.   The war against ISIS is accelerating as we speak .... now it being reported #Trump is intending to take #rocca ( #roqqa ) … and more missles are being tested by Iran.  etc … etc …

Exactly as stated. In fact, I googled trump war with isis just before writing that and there were no new articles since before the thought date.  

It has worked very well for the verse I am in.

… or you are simply just not looking where it is happening  null

U.S. Troops 18 Miles From ISIS Capital

in #rocca …. notice the date on the article.

Reality is your experience of it. Choose, or choose not.  

that is subjective reality … it is not the reality that we share. 

Oh, but it is. We make the same choices, or we do not. I have chosen.  

well okay …

we make the same choices” IS the same thing as “sharing”    null null

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