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Mark de LA says ...
The “over here” vs “over there” thingies are worn out – just saying you both have an Ego & a point of view. Speaking for anything else is still a #birdie .
A new born baby is supposed to not have the distinction about the outer world & is still in the world of it’s mother & a tit.   Only later it aquires an Ego enough to cry to manipulate the tit to show up. It still is not conscious of an “I” for quite a while . “Divided for the sake of union” etc. ….


i don’t get any #birdi out of saying “over here” and “over there”.  sure certainly those are designating the sides of our #egos … what is your real complaint with this way of talking?

It’s worn out & tends to make long conversations of #DoubleSpeak & #DoubleTalk null

how is it worn out? … i just started using it maybe a week or so ago.   and to be truthful, it actually takes far less words to use than to say the same thing the old way.  look at examples if you doubt.

#AlreadyAlwaysArguing about your different points of view  is boring .