Socrates Cafe meeting 2/22/2017



Curious photographic #PointOfView 

BTW, do you ever do sound recordings of your meetings? .. might be interesting?

Yeah would be interesting but then it would change the nature of the meeting … something that i noticed groups are won’t to do.  

In this meeting we discussed #bubbles (#Ego’s) … and how they can change … shades of I am a variable from my perspective.  

Then too it is hard in today’s times in America not to have any discussion come around to #Trump and this one was no exception.

The picture above is an actual representation of a  viewpoint of the meeting.  I left it exactly as this thought saw it via my camera and how Brian held it.

Hmmm… here’s one on that subject – not sure why Politico would have it.  It is an interesting way to begin to break through the hierarchies.  Now if all the cabinet had the same principle maybe there would be more transparency in government. Of course with the hate stuff security might be a problem if extended all the way to the public.

Cute kid though:  nullnullrose

referenced in our meetup

Yep, can’t read your comments about my comments – #gossip on

i have no idea what you are getting at

that is a perfect link and description from here to there in our social network. 

What is your #complaint ?

Fact is this node may not even have been elaborated without your contributions to it.

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Maybe you could leave my name out of your shit. I can’t read what you do with it in your private group.
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Socrates Cafe meeting 2/22/2017 (comment 72815)” request denied … #RequestDenied 
i still have no idea what your #complaint is, mark.  Your effect on my social network is not invisible to me, to you, or to others with whom i share.  Nor will i make it private to others.   This was a public thought to which you contributed … which is just the way the cookie crumbels in the wild world of our common social interactions … and is not something that i intend to corrupt.