Is this  a practical way to acquire & distribute & market server software on our modern Internet ?
It seems well deployed at inmotion hosting

Can it be deployed in the #GCP ?

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Might be fine if you are thinking of general licensing of #TD software.

Last several times you have talked you have wanted people to come to you and you host #TD’s. All the work I did on the installer was based on that model. Now personally, I have always thought the “us host” model was far less interesting … just saying what you have been saying and said last, for the record.

#UsHost is a special case of #AnywhereHosts.   The former needs to be proven before the latter is feasible.  This is just some awareness of how we scale. 

then too …

The big difference is the target market.  Only enterprises with sufficient tech savvy will go for a  #AnywhereHosts offering.  But any Jo Blow who wants to do at a domain level can use our #UsHost solution.    It is the difference between and 

I don’t see the #AnywhereHosts model as requiring any more tech savvy than #UsHost when using an installer package. Same thing. Even is as easy as for those sites that have installer packages (which inmotion doesn’t even though they pretend they do … trust me, I have used real installer packages that actually work and give you functionality with no extra pain).

Now softalicious will only work on full host sites, and possibly on google compute engine, but not on google app engine. Softalicious and the other package installers are designed for hosted sites, like fatcow and ipower and godaddy, not google and not the cloud.

See, to me this is the real question. Do you go with new age cloud hosting? Or do you go with old style hosting? Or do you try and do both at the same time?

That’s the question I would like an answer to.  

You don’t even get to use the installer unless you have tech savey and economic control enought to acquire a domain to host.  Joe Bloe is completely baffeled by a Cpanel … and would not know what to do with it if he had one. 

Maybe think of it this way ... It is something that you can just tell Natalie about, and then she gets it herself, and you do not need set it up for her.  That is ideally how acquiring one of our #UsHosts #TDs should work. 

And i have aquired both kinds of wordpress sites and know of what i speak.  #btw, wordpress itself is  even targeted above our initial target audience.   Google’s is more what i think getting a #TD should feel like.

Yep. I fully agree with the desired attributes. I disagree about what you think is required to obtain them. Your thinking is months to years old, that’s all. And a month is an eon in this field of play.

this is really independant of the cloud hosting or isp hosting.   Did you catch the burning question that i asked in the body of this thought …

Can  softaculous be deployed in the #GCP ?

then too softaculous is just one software distributor.   I am sure that the #GCP has perhaps their own.

Do the numbers – cost, consequences, market for each etc.  Or guess & incite by memes. 

good question, mark,  …. er, care to do the math for us?

well i am going on current deployment which is about a year or two behind my current thinking null

”Or guess & incite by memes” ~ mark … basically yes. That is much closer. I would say it as “do the energy work first, not the numbers and details which will arrange themselves quite nicely when the energy work has been done with quality”.

nope! just thought I would remind . I have no vested interest – you pointed that out earlier. 

well you have just exactly that interest in which you actually invest.

#btw i just noticed a grand truth about identity groups … every one has a #asshole … and that even goes for personal ones.  

In every identity in which you invest,
look for the asshole,
that is where you take your shit.


Such is the stuff that makes investors really interested in your conversations. ← About: softaculous (comment 72833) null

okay … but more like repeating that you have vested no interest null

which is why i am goiing to hide your shit null

Separateness in the context of pretending to reach out is bizarre & phoney.

#hmmm … that similar to what I have been saying. Living in a box and pushing others outside yourself is bizarre, phony, and very separatist.

i have no idea what you guys are talking about …. but in any case please note, my friend, that this is a #loa group … please keep discussion here positive and constructive.