Project Veritas

Mark de LA says ...
Under the cover filming of Planned Parenthood abortion counseling by James O’Keefe  made good news in 2008.  Today it is the fake news of the current & last election which shows up as destructive to the USA governing. 


And the wheel turns. Three months ago seth had the very clear and disambiguous thought that “We need to take control of the media” (see #OccupyYourOwnBrain (comment 67165)) … and today his thought manifestation is in action as mark relates above.

It could not be more clear. seth thought it, and seth’s vibration on this subject was very clear and very strong, stronger than any others in our combined experience, and now the essence of what he thought is in reality humming along. This is how all reality works, it is the basic mechanism. We simply don’t see it often because of the time shift between clear thoughts and manifestation.

#GW recognized this when he once told me in 1984, while I was visiting from the Navy, that “anything you invent in your mind, but do not create (no action or #deed), will appear in the world in about 6 months” and I tested that several times and found it to be quite true.  

Project Veritas has been around at least since 2008 & it’s covert filming of interviews from Planned Parenthood.  It was nothing to do with seth . group unhackthebrain was around when all I had was a wiki. 
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I don’t think that you fully understand how all connections, circumstances, memory, and facts, are formed in the NOW. Most people have some awareness of reality reforming around them as they change the now … but some (possibly you mark) have not developed that sensory awareness and thus believe that there is only one history, one set of facts, one universe.

What is important is “the experience one is having”, not it’s apparent relationship to chiseled facts. And when one even begins to grok this, the experience of alternate and parallel facts obtaining seeps in easily, for it is all around us all the time, it is the very nature of how we exist.  

Spin your truth at will – probably somewhere sometime somebody somewhere ( #SSS) will believe it. Others may think of it as #Bullshit – such is the way of the world. 

Learning to see the world as it is … is finding your balance within the ever spin.  


XOR not necessarily seeing “the World” as the way nathan privately/publicly sees it! null

well #SelectiveSpending and pulling attention from the #world”,  rather than always attending  to  things being pushed upon me from the #world,   has, as mark says, been around for just about always.   i will not take credit, ownership,  or #responsibility for any changes in those just because i ran my mouth about them … er … or just #thought about them with my public comments here.

Well, both of you have chosen perspectives that allow you to turn left, and ignore the very detailed picture I painted for you. Hence knowing and utilizing these patterns will not be part of your reality experience. One can lead a horse to water, but one can’t make them drink. A thirsty horse will remain a thirsty horse (or old goat) as long as they are stubborn about remaining thirsty. Tis as it is.

well that is not the way i would code it  … my view is that me and mark are just denying membership in your peculiar  subjective bubble null … see “Copy of - TetModel Pallet

Yep, the #SSS effect ! null

I am the one living what I talk about each and every day. Having direct experiences of the knowledge I tell about and then telling the stories of those experiences. I am also the one finding those same patterns in your own experiences written here and bringing those patterns into the light. I am the one providing both direct experience and knowledge about those experiences. I am the one constantly trying new things, finding out what actually works, and incorporating those into the information I relate to others.

You and Mark are not providing any of these. You are both staying as you are on principle alone, with no direct experiences to back it up. I am sailing the world and finding out that it is round. You are sitting at home and shouting “the world is flat, as everyone clearly knows”.

Subjective bubble? Quite frankly that better describes the process you are offering than the one I am offering. When you actually try “any” of the methods, ideas, and technologies I offer, then you can start calling any one of them subjective by finding that out directly. Until you do, you are only armchair piloting here.

Okay. I can live with that. When you see the world on your own, I will listen. All I have heard from you is repetition of what others have seen … mainly your own Father, and a few others like #PR and #RS.

& nathan quotes channelers like Abraham & Bashar  null – #SSS – fun thing about channelers is they can make up any shit they want & their believers will believe it if that is what the believers want to hear.

I provide both quotes by them, and many relations of my own experience with each and every concept I quote by anyone. Very different from what you are offering, which at best is your assertion of someone else’s concept, and most of the time is not even that, but just a sarcastic insult coded as if it were the words of some athority.

I thought Bubbles was a circus elephant . XOR maybe the clown