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#TetModel #tetrahedron


See Arrows with transparent backgrounds

Try using inverse font for EFFECT

I wonder, can it hash?#EFFECT 

perhaps not so well.

well it’s best can do for now

Yes. Someday maybe font colors and backgrounds for widgets … but the hash thing is always going to be tricky as it is painted over the rest.

Curious why you don’t use the numbers but instead do everything empirically. Clearly the triangle you are working with has 60 degree sides. So if you simply adjust all your arrows to 60 and –60 degrees, they will fit perfectly. But your empirical sighting by eye is giving some of them 61 degrees and others 59 degrees and that is not quite a perfect fit.

idea good idea … but hard to  type in -60 on one some of the arrows.

Okay. I guess I need to fix that. But you still can use the slider to get exactly -60 even if it is a bit sensitive.  

Notice that if a thought has widgets on top of it, then it can not longer be edited with a pen … that yields some kind of lockout and one must kill the browser instance.  that means that once a thought has widgets, then it can no longer be re published .. or the titel changed.

Okay. I am using the standard HTML5 number input field with implicit validation.

In FF I found that you can put in 60 and then curse to the left before 6 and add the minus sign.

In Chrome you can do the same, but you also have to hold the left arrow key down, which keeps the cursor to the left, while you add the minus sign.

Kind of stupid, but this is how the browser default <input type=”number”> elements work unfortunatly.

You will notice spinner up and down arrows in the right of the input box. You can also use those, or the slider.

i started out using the spinners … it was a very upsetting experience null … then i tried entering number … which was not much better … then i discovered the slider … loved that null… but exact math is exact math and is to be revered null

I can’t repo that. I can edit with the pen both in Chrome and FF on my The Magic of - YES Island thought.

wierd … i believe i tried it in chrome and in ff on two computers and it always happens.

Okay. Well the slider for getting close and then the spinners for tweaking works fairly well in all browsers. I would have to write my own input box controls to do better, and that is hardly worth it. I am sure the browsers will get better in this area in future versions and then all will work fine. This part of HTML5 is still releativly new.

Don’t know. I have been editing thoughts with widgets, to change titles etc, the whole time and have never seen a problem. Just tried in FF right now, and it worked fine on The Magic of - YES Island

you have wierd fingers

← this is what happens in Chrome

the system stalls for several seconds, then the error pops up.  there is no way to get out of it without killing the browser instance.

But if the thought does not have widgets, then the pens edit just fine.

Okay. Noted. But I simply can’t get that result (repo it). I will think on it and see if anyting pops that I can change and have you try again.

#kudos → nathan on the arrows … for me that was exactly what i needed … #thanks 

I would probably label the line between thought and will as #deed. It is clearly in that general area and that also shows how #deed is only a small part of the whole picture too. (which I elaborated on elsewhere)  

Well deeds are something actually happening … it is effect in the #world … it is not mental.

I would draw #deed as in this Bipyramid Tetrahedron

Elsewhere you eloquently discussed experiencing #tendrils … i would draw those from thinking to the mental image of the #world.


Well, a #deed is a spasum of thought and action locked in step. That is clearly what a #deed is. I don’t know how to represent that in your contemplation.

#deed does not require #thinking at all.  but it sure can be locked in thought all together as in a spasum … but that is kind of an ideal that you have perhaps perfected … it does not always happen.

I would draw the “spasum” like this.

The #deed and the though-to-action happens all in one fell swoop as you say.

In the model we are not restrained to just one arrow at a time.  In fact most of the interesting psychology requires 3 or 4 or 5 or more arrows to describe.

Motivation to deed might happen without thought passionately …. then the arrow would be drawn from feeling to will.
What happens in the world can be distinguished from what is experienced in a #mental bubble.  That distinction must be reflected in the #TetModel.   And yes i know,  that may well contradict your beliefs.

it happened differently at #LuthersTable on their WiFi and even here locally on my laptop through my WiFi than how it happens on my desktop which is hard wired to the router.   On WiFi it seems i can click the pen to edit, but then it hesitates when i click publish … somtimes yielding the error, but once it actually completed after multiple seconds. 

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seth … do you know if this happens only after moving or sizing or editing widgets … or if it also happens on a clean refresh of the browser without doing anything with widgets before using the pen?

it happened only on thoughts that had widgets.   But it has not happened for several days now.   When it happened i am not sure whether i had adjusted the widgets in that same instance or not … but i do seem to remember killing the browser and going in on a copletely new instance and having the same problem.  that is frequently my stratagey … if someting does not work, kill the browser instance and try it fresh … so yes, i almost certainly tried that.