Browsing the Semantic Web

Very graphic null … seems to work well.

… shades of #swag which i did twards the turn of the century with #aaron and #sbp …


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i’m still looking for the ability to create my own contexts.


Then too there is Neo4J* & not just for java – javascript, PHP etc. 

those look like database platforms … like SQL engines … to store and manipulate data. is a browser of the already collected  #SemanticWeb  data itself. 

My point for tweeting was to provoke #kingsley to make or find a #WebTool that one can just compose #quads stores themselves … kind of like what happens here as we do our using mostly English and other media.  The #SemWeb collects very precise factual data … unlike the ambiguous shit that gets thrown around here.

Kewl – how you have your stuff organized & accessed by language makes a difference.  Fbi, has good organization up to a point.  Don’t know what I would do with a semantic network except let loose some robots to answer my questions or find new contexts instead of navigating to them myself. Sounds like you have your answer. null HAL 2017 in the wings yet?

if you do a search on google for a term, the precise facts that sometimes show on the right of the screen are from googles’s collection of #SemanticWeb data.   It is also the kind of data from which #OkGoogle, #seri, and #alexa answer some of your questions.

That is pretty much in a nutshell the status of Hal 2017.

Yep, Wikipedia has the same thing. XOR use . Even the Elib if you need access to subtopics of RS’s ontology. 

i believe  has another large depository of these kinds of facts as well. 

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#FOMO ? perhaps?

rather the joy to participate null  ( 

null organizing stuff in a network structure versus tables  is an interesting approach mirroring the Internet itself.

i don’t think there is a XOR relationship between organinging stuff in tables XOR organizing stuff in network sturctures … because tables are network structures … every field of a data row can reference some other thing in the network.  the question is how much nuance you want to put into each reference.  somtimes it is more practical to put a lot of nuances into the arrows. 

Didn’t say there was an XOR in there. Just musing tzu with the network database which does interface with javascript. One metaphor is interesting & that is with the tablocks themselves & the tables GW made of the process. (Tropermic Calculus)