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" ... Dai sarm yao hih Eqx Hex #56 YU: kon P.1705 & P.1565.  Our comment, as usual, is most apt!  No matter how much you can say against it, often there is one specific in its favor that balances out all the contradictions!  A Free Deed never asks ’Why";  an independent thought cannot be rational -thus from the established viewpoint it has to be absurd - (kon Tertullius) - if the Supreme Mystery conformed to materialistic formulae who wouldn’t be an Atheist!? Is God to live in a Dog?! "


Ahhh the dribble of ego ridden minds!    

Abandon LOVE  all ye who enter here. null

No shitting at all mark. Simple and clear understanding. If you would like to understand your ego better, simply study Eckhart Tolle. Everything there is to know about the usefulness, and the pearls, of the ego are eloquently presented by Tolle … including super easy ways to integrate ego into rightful balance in one’s being.

You are stuck in one way of thinking – I have many. #SSS & #SSDD

If your way is demonstrating Love I don’t want any. null nathan

Well, then you explain what overtakes the mental facilities of a human who believes that God would not desire to live in a dog, or who devalues independent thought?

I know that you will twist these as if they are kones … but that alas, is the way of the ego.