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Consciousness Podcast with Peter Ralston 41: Money and Action

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Yep if one wants it done, one must #DoIt. 

… but don’t diminish that which happens because of human connections … which forms a network.  That is where  #LOA comes into the play ← #imho 

Kewl – lots of people sitting around making connections in Congress & talking about things doesn’t usually accomplish anything except spending tax money. 

You guys keep on #doing things to get things done. More power to ya! Peter too if that is really what he said. Usually mark put’s his own spin on Peter’s real words.

I have found a better way that works, is more reliable, and does anything I want. I will keep doing that except where I want to participate in the experience of the creation.   

i bet that Congress is the less likely place where #LOA connections are ever made. 

#Egoo – no examples though.

#LOA governs Congress just as it governs everything. In fact, Congress is an excellent example of #LOA in action. Congress shows very clearly how focusing on what you don’t want gets more of that and less of anything you actually want. That is exactly the effect Congress gets … and exactly how Congress focuses. It is perfect and pure #LOA at it’s best.  

Yea, sorry, I do drop stores … sometimes you even read them.

But truthfully, my time is taken up so effectively by the things I create by not #doing, that I don’t have time go go around telling everyone about them … I am enjoying them instead!  

”drop stores” ?

Maybe SeriTD cant distinguish stores from stories. null

<sigh> Yes seth, I think something like 5 or 7 just since I have been here in Florida. A couple a month or so about things I, or those around me, have done using pure #LOA alone. They, and notes from the universe, are mostly all I publish in group nathan. Just go browse the group.

Fuck you mark. I hate your bullying, especially of #SeriTD. 

oh those stories null

… you may (or may not) realize already yet, that i interpret those stories entirely differently than you do.

I know. You make left turns where I go straight … hence you don’t see the connections in the bigger box of reality that I see.

null well my going straight is looking to you like a left turn when you make your right turn … pretty much the same kind of thing is happening as we reckon our respective bubbles.

That is a common old school way of thinking about it. Doesn’t apply here. But I have detailed that for you elsewhere, in depth. No need to do it more. When you want to see things connecting in a demension outside the demensions of perceptions you are currently allowing, you will. 

well no new data there.   you said it to say what?

Shortened the #SSS to what N does

Fuck you Mark. I hate

Yet another nudge. Yet another tap on the actual outside of the box you are restricting your attention to. That’s what I do. I tap, scrape, pound, do morse code, play lullaby’s … on the outside. Someday, you will poke your head out and see what it’s all about.  

… or someday you will realize that you are just padding your part.

Yea, someday I may give up and move on. True.