hey what happened to my thought?

#shucks i will have to write it again … when i clicked publish, the thought went away but the yellow bckgorund with the publish on it remained. 

somtimes #NotWorking


Never seen that happen. But fumbling fingers can cause lots of things, even hitting escape by accident can cancel a thought edit etc … and deeper combos are in the operating system.

i never seen that specific thing happen either.  but things very much like it.  and no it was not fumbeling fingers … even if i had clicked cancel, the same screen should  not have been presented.  if i wanted to fix it i would go look in the db to see if the thought was recorded somwhere … but this is not the kind of thing that i fix.  me, i will just type it again … so it will be even better … that is how it always works when i have to recompose something because of the weather null

If it is not showing up on the screen, it is not in the database. You can be sure of that. No sequence can give a thought a improper id or group such that it would not show up.

But sometimes, the internet just burps. Happens, in any system, and the ajax call doesn’t make it to the server.

i would bet that relates to  the same network timing thingey that was making it almost impossible for me to edit a thought that had a upper gadget layer … [which is not happening this morning null]   … and the many other wierd things that are going bump in the night over here relative to the screens that appear before and after a thought is submitted.

i wrote  “ (comment 73088)” then clicked Publish … and this was the result …

… to manifest it i had to write it again.