Watched some of this on Gaia looks to be one of Nate’s boxes:


This is nice. I am not sure what you mean by “one of my boxes” though. You have your conscious experience constrained to a very tight box, and sometimes I talk about that “your box”. Otherwise I don’t have anything I refer to as boxes.

Yep, as much as you can conjecture other people are in boxes YOU are in Dispenza’s box – thinking & cycling some of his ideas into your reality.

I don’t conjecture about the box you constrain your consciousness to, I observe it. That is all.

“thinking & cycling some of his ideas into your reality.”  … sounds groovy. Sounds like what we are all here for, to make contact with new and expanded experiences and then dive into them and experience them.   

#SSS on your part #PML nullnullnull

Yep. That’s my truth. What then do you think we are here for mark?

Too many holes in that question. What is truth? here? here for?
Maybe get PR’s latest book the very beginning is transformative.
May answer your questions. Not useful wasting explanations here on such things already covered. 

I feel I know what Peter thinks about this already, and that is not what I am interested in either.

What I am really interested in is what you, personally, think people in general are here for? Why, in the general sense that apples to everyone, do people incarnate?

Keep wondering null There is no meaning of life. As general guidance Anthroposophy works & evolution work it’s genius.  As I expand my consciousness otherwise may show up. Nobody is forced to keep the box they make for themselves, even Nate. 
1:7 Genius of Being refers to the first domain, since in this case, “being” denotes “existing”—what is and what is actually occurring and how it is occurring. The use of the word “genius” is a rather poetic emphasis pointing to the mind-boggling complexity, intricacy, and interrelated effectiveness of every aspect of existence. When we embrace this domain in any way, awe is often the first response. And then there’s grasping that the very nature and source of Being—of Existence and Consciousness—is absolute, and its manifestation into life and reality is without break or hole; it is complete, and everything works. It’s perfect. It’s brilliant. There is no mistake. It is exactly as it is. When we grasp the nature of it all at once, joyous laughter is an appropriate response.

Ralston, Peter. The Genius of Being: Contemplating the Profound Intelligence of Existence (Kindle Locations 288-294). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 


1:6 How is it possible to become conscious of something that’s present but of which we’re unaware, and if it is true and present, why aren’t we aware of it? We live our lives within two domains of existence that are occurring simultaneously. The first domain is what actually exists or occurs as reality. This world is the one we attempt to address through science, contemplation, philosophy, and so on. The second domain is our experience, which is the “personal reality” that each of us occupies and which holds our attention daily and most of the time. These two domains are very different because one is what’s existentially true, the other is only occurring “as if” it’s true.

Ralston, Peter. The Genius of Being: Contemplating the Profound Intelligence of Existence (Kindle Locations 283-288). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 

It quite appears that you are saying that the purpose of being here is to expand consciousness mark. And I quite agree with that unconditionally!
As I expand my consciousness
… which is the #doing component of all that you said. The only actual action related to being here.

Not really #doing at all.  Perhaps contemplate what consciousness is beyond the dict consciousness null