How to make the world go away ...

stare at the dot for 17 seconds …

#illusion #CogSci


I know every one of you will want to describe this effect in physics and biological terms, talking about the eye, and chemistry, and neurology, and many other things.

And although much of that will in fact be true in each individual applied context, the real effect going on here is, yes you guessed it, Law of Attraction.

As your focus stays on the spot, your state of being comes into vibration more and more with the dot, until the dot is primarily all there is that matches your current state of being … and since reality IS your experience of it, this focused state of being becomes your reality.

Notice too, that it takes nearly exactly 17 seconds for the full effect to happen. (even though the article says 5 to 10 seconds, my actual experience to full disappearing is 17). If you remember, #LOA has stated for years that it takes exactly 17 seconds for our human state of being to fully align with a held vibration. Coincidence? #LOL … you would like it to be, wouldn’t you!   

Well it is not just for visuals … it even works with #LOA laws themselves.   stare at those for 17 seconds, and everything else just goes away.

Seems reasonable. And since #LOA principles cover all bases very well, very consistently, and span time and space easily, it seems practical too.  

Don’t get me wrong, contexts are great … and underlying contexts there is a unified principle when one whishes to connect contexts, or zoom out to the bigger picture and understanding … to get out of contextual boxes.

there are two different consciousness take-away(s) for me here …. 

(1) the more focus there is on one thing, the more that is all there is, 

and #against that ...

(2) to increase consciousness, keep your eyes moving.

Well, the interesting thing about both of those is that they have the very terse underlying foundational assumption that there is some set reality out there.

Perhaps there is not. Perhaps reality is your experience of it. Perhaps reality literally expands and contracts on demand as your experience does and at any point in time and space you are free to expand it, or focus it, at will, and that experience you are having right there is really everything there is, no matter how big, or how small, it is.

What would you take away from this if you had that base assumption instead?

well i have no assumption there of a “set” reality …

rather i assume “there is a reality outside of myself which i sense relative to myself”

if i gave up that assumption, then i would probably think more like you do. 

Please explain, if you would, how you can have a a reality outside yourself, that has any useful meaning relative to you personally, if such a reality is not set?

In other words, if there is just random shit going on out there outside yourself, how could that be a useful experience for you? Must it not be set to have a continuity with you?

i don’t believe in,  “just random shit going on out there outside myself” …
rather i believe in amazing ordered …  order and being far beyond my #PayGrade. 

… useful, having meaning to me personally,  because i am a culmination of that order. 
… and now is my part to express more ...

Well, it is implicit that in order for it to be outside you, and for it also to have useful meaning to you, it must also have set points of reference. Otherwise everything you are perceiving to be outside you would just be a blur, jumping around, and your conscious attention would not be able to tie things together in any meaningful way except in your internal self.

And that is why I say “Well, the interesting thing about both of those is that they have the very terse underlying foundational assumption that there is some set reality out there.”

yep there are things happening outside me.  we could call all those “otherness”.  i suppose you could call them “set points of reference”.   those are  reflected in the patterns about them that i make up in my being.  

yes Alice, otherness exists outside of you.   i had thought one day you even said you believed it did too … but now you seem to wish it away.  well then, focus on the dot above long enough, and Alice, it will go quite away.

I love and adore and fully acknowledge and participate in otherness always. Never forget that. If you do, you are not talking about me.

What is happening is that you are simply entering that place where binary thinking can no longer resolve the nuances of what is able to be experienced and support a consistent experience for you. There comes a time where one must leave binary thinking behind and switch to parallel thinking for their own conscious attention to be able to maintain the experience. That is all that is happening here. Otherness exists, and exists entirely inside your own experience. Those are not opposites and exclusive, except in binary thinking.

well there is no binary thinking going on over here … nor have you shown my thinking to be binary.   #OMG how many times have i said that “I am a variable” … and that what is inside versus outside of my being is a dynamic flow. 

But when you say “Otherness exists, and exists entirely inside your own experience”, then you deny that it exists … or rather you are not talking about the actual otherness and rather talk about your representation of it.   So you just talk  about the patterns that you make up as if that was all there was.   And yes, those patterns you make up are all just inside of you.  

Perhaps this is where you forget about the #dominos … and always just believe in those that fall inside yourself … but, #TrustMe, you can believe that the ones falling inside yourself are actually true indications of what is out there … and then you can believe that you live in that outside world, and are not just trapped up inside yourself … because that way you get to believe that you are so perfectly free.

That is all binary thinking. … and incidentally, you can’t use binary thinking to show that you are not thinking in a binary way. To actually think outside binary, one has to actually think differently. All that thinking you just laid down is the same way you have been thinking for a long time … and it is very binary. The only way to get to a different way of thinking is to go into feelings and then back out into a different way of thinking. One cannot simply change the mode of thinking they are using by using that mode of thinking alone to do it. That is like lifting yourself off the ground by pulling on your on own suspenders.

… well sorry there is nothing new your last response except to say that you believe and i do not. 

But, nathan #KeepingItReal, you said that to say what?

I gave you a blueprint, a map, for actually changing your mode of thinking. Go into feeling and then come out in a different mode of thought.

I also indicated what does not work to change mode of thinking … and indicated that it appears that you have been trying to change mode of thinking by thinking to change it … and that doesn’t work.

I said what I said to relay those two points to you.

and indicated that it appears that you have been trying to change mode of thinking by thinking to change it”  …. huh?    i don’t remember talking about me changing the mode of my thinking.   I have no idea what you refer to here.   It souds like you are thinking about what you are doing over there that is “not working” … i do not know … you play this pronoun game and switch thing around.

Sure i change how i think about things all the time … and even on my blog i say things this way and that way untill they ring truer one way than another.  What i have been doing (feeling) and not thinking is not something that i have even been publically talking about.   Which is why i don’t know what you are talking about. 

I am only talking about what you said. Which was that you are not thinking binary. That implies you are attempting to use process to change your mode of thought. Since your mode of thought is binary and has been.

watever that is a broad as it is long.   i know what binary thinking is … and i know that i am not doing it …

although it is clear i am not thinking like you are thinking.

a clearer statement of what i am not doing,  is believing your assumptions … even though I got your  gestalt  long ago.   just like you i have the power of a #WillToBelieve … so,  even though i could believe only in the reality that i make up myself, i choose not to … rather i choose to believe in actual otherness outside of myself … and just like you do, i interact with that every day of my life.  

i don’t need no stinking #reification only of what is inside my bubble.  i do not need or want that extra freedom or power or whatever it is that you get from it.    Your continued provocation for me to change my mind is maybe something that you could even give up yourself  null …. or not … we can play back and forth just as you wish … but i am not so very sure that helps us get stuff #done … it sees more like an excuse not to get stuff done.

Hey, this simply is what it is. I am reporting you as you are in my experience. It is you that is taking what I report and classifying it as provocation, and even making up that it is my desire for you to change your mind. You can have whatever mind you want, I don’t care. I observe it and tell you about it. If there is judgment in the air about it being right or wrong, that judgment is coming out of your own desires for yourself and what you think you are and what you think you should be, and how you think I am framing you. Not from me. I am not judging. Pounding on your box is not a judgment, it is a #doing. If your box was not there, I couldn’t pound on it. It is there, so I do, that is all. The very fact that it can be pounded on clearly identifies it as being there, and that’s your business that you create those walls, not mine.

When you have your own house in order, I would be able to do these exact same things and you would see them quite differently. All these frames are yours. I observe, and pound on a real box that is there to pound on. That’s all. And I am not even judging that your house is or is not in order. If it was, you would not be saying these things.

Take responsibility for your own happiness, for your own experience. And if your experience is not what you want it to be, change it, write it differently, have a different experience. You are in charge of your experience. I am only here to make it clear to you what experience you are creating for yourself by being an active component giving you good feedback that is a direct vibrational response to your state of being. I keep it real.

Another nice thing about this is that it brings into consciousness the effects of different manners of attention wandering and how they affect vibration. For instance, try letting your thoughts drift, and notice how that affects what you perceive. Move your eyes a little, notice what that does. Defocus and notice. Etc.

When you are deliberately manifesting with focus and attention, very similar changes in what you are doing have very similar effects on what you manifest. Notice how a pure focus of desire and attention is required for the full time or you often have to start over again from a point of deliberate attraction. This is often what happens when people try to use the #LOA deliberately. They think they are staying focused, but in fact, small digressions completely change the actual result.

Vibrational reality is unforgiving. The actual vibration held is what actually manifests, not what one wants, not what one thinks is their vibration, only the actual vibration and only what is held pure, more than 50%.

Now, if people would take the actual feedback from the reality that is happening around them to be telling them exactly what their vibration really is, then they could obtain the same consistent result focusing reality as they do changing what they perceive with this image. But people don’t often do that. People simply don’t take reality as an indicator of themselves, but instead take reality as something outside and not related to ones thought and focus … and hence rarely try to focus reality true but instead take it as it is.

Don’t face reality, any more than you would only face this image as something you can’t experience changing, instead create your reality with your focus and attention, and master changing your experience of reality changing as easily as your experience of this image changes … all circumstances in reality are only colors on the page of your life. And #doing is like moving your eyes, it has dramatic effect, but is not the primary element matching up you desired experience with your actual experience, it is only a dramatic shift in your experience. Try getting the rest of the page to disappear by moving your eyes alone (#doing alone) … you will quickly find does not work. It only works when you lead the #doing with thought and focus … and still works, and in fact even better, when your eyes are not moving (no #doing at all). Reality is exactly the same, even though people have a habit of #doing to get results. We “do” to have experiences, to take journeys. It is the journey’s in life that we are after, not the results. The results are only there to get us to take the journeys. #doing is result orientated, weather it is the end result, or just the next result, it is manifesting by jumping from one result to the next, rather than taking the journey.