if trump tower was wiretapped, trump can declassify that right now

There is some actual facts beneath this political wrangeling.  I think this article reports some of those facts.

Also read the supporting article in Heat Street.

… then maybe the BriteBart articlelaugh


Sounds like #Obamagate !

… yep on the surface it does null.   go deeper into the facts.

Trump can declassify anything (I think!) – he is the top of the tree.  OTOH there probably is a wall somewhere near treason & impeachment.   One does not want to generate too much #clickbait & #commotion to feed the gossip-mongers & salivating M$M speculators before an in depth investigation which I am sure will come. Remember how long it took Watergate to spill the beans about 15 minutes of magtape. 

well yes, fact is that #Trump has (were he want to look) at exactly what happened.   Speculation is not neessry.    Take that fact and see where it leads you.

Haven’t a clue seth what you are talking about. 

Fascinating article in the Hill about Hillary http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/322318-hillary-coming-to-terms-with-her-new-life ← can’t acknowledge that she was a shitty candidate still doing #juice . Something about validating that “ambition is the last refuge of failure” thingy .
Your pic in the #HashTurd forcasts your point of view – not much unbiassed there, eh. 
#biassed ← having 2 assholes. #HillaryRWG

did you make a detailed read of the articles mentioned in the body of the thought?  did you attempt to corroborate the facts reported or claimed in them?

I’m not your research monkey nor do I need to waste time chasing click-bait. It was your English in the comment which prompted my  too many unresolved external pointers.

i made no “unresolved external pointers” in this thought.  To which “external pointers” are you referring?

All three sentences are couched in weasel words.  I choose to terminate my interest in following up .