Megaphone vs Free Speech vs Political Correctness - comment 73418

Mark de LA says ...
Another interesting thingy is how CNN is looking through the windows of the White House & making up stories about what is going on ….. peeping toms at CNN null


Another interesting thingy is how people in Paradise are looking through the windows of CNN & making up stories about what is going on … peeping toms in Paradise. null

well this is what we do … we fill in the dots between actual data points … the more data points the more accurate the picture we can draw in our minds … usually to support our own agenda.

Agenda wize, #CNN has been ragging on #Trump for a long time now … #Trump is ragging back.  Will #Trump turn #CNN ?  Me, i hope not,  i don’t want to be in a  exclusively #Trump constructed America … #CNN and other #MSM are a good balance.  If Trump doesn’t like it, maybe he should draw the #curtains.  That is what Denise does.

Oh I am quite sure “Trump Likes It” … after all, it does keep peoples minds focused exactly upon what Trump is doing … and what better could support the manifestation he desires than having people thinking preponderantly about the things he is letting them see him doing?  

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yes there is that aspect too null … it being all a show on a stage of #otherness to me.   now willingly using is to distract myself from   #NewsLetter while participating in  my usual problems of focus obtaining as i speak.

Yep. It has been clear to me for a long time now. As potentially good as #TD software is for helping one focus, it is far better at helping one get distracted! null

yeah a two edged sword indeed null.   but that is life itself … focus on the dot to make the world go away … or keep your eyes moving and watch what is happening … see “How to make the world go away ...”.  

it takes all kinds … me i keep my eyes moving … that is the way i am.   at the same time i play with the tensions between focus and awareness of others … lots of drama there.