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How often have I said that beliefs are the foundation upon which one’s reality experience is created?

#OMG … now #PR is saying it too!  


Wrong PRnull

#PR is Peter Ralston … no diff dude!

That is NOT his picture in the #HashTurd 
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Peter draws a distinction between experience & that which IS (xor existence) .  See the beginning of #GofB 
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

… maybe he does, maybe that is your interpretation. Maybe it is true, and maybe it is only an appendage to reality understanding, a thought we are evolving beyond that some have not yet finely tuned, like the appendix.  

… and that is your story, based on your beliefs.  

What’s it to you anyway? Why do you care?

& maybe a fart in the forest can be heard by a gnat who calls it sound xor maybe your pants are on fire! (maybe not!)null maybe is an overused weasel word

I am getting the impression lately that “weasel word” is mark’s coined phrase for things that don’t fit in his belief structure, no matter how well articulated by another … see About: Megaphone vs Free Speech vs Political Correctness - comment 73418 - comment 73419 for an excellent treatment of this by the renounced #PR.  

i call #world and/or refer to #happens as existing beyond my apprehension of it  which i call my  #experience.  In that regard i believe i am quite in step with #PeterRalston.  

nathan seems not to believe in the part of the world that happens apart from his #expereince.  Or maybe he does believe in it, he just thinks it irrelevant to his #experience.

Nah! see the link to the dictionary.null

… or, I know that my experience of it is created inside my being only.  
… which is all you say and something different.

Well, there is how you define it, then there is where you use it. Mostly NOT the same thing.

well, #shucks, i know that too null.   somehow i think there is more too that than that simple truth reveals.

People keep using hashtags which have someone else’s face on it instead of who they are talking about. #PeterRalston is the example.  Funny amusement by nathan other than amusing or useful.

That’s the spirit!  

.. Yep more of your  #SSS nathan- I use it as defined.

Well, above you exactly did not … not in any shared story anyway. You can always make your own story anything you want though ...

… oh null … what “something different” ?

#AlreadyAlwaysArguing – can’t stop the #RWG - #PML

I say what’s different all the time. Even write examples of it. Even turn blue in the face, and stand on my head, coming up with points of view to help you see it.

… it’s simply outside the dimensional box of your current allowed experience though … so you reframe it back into what you allow yourself to experience … you do a “left turn”. Someday, maybe you will go straight. I can’t do that for you.  

… well maybe when you say it without the #Egoo transaction above obscuring what you say, i will get it. 

But since you always include that transaction when you say it, i have concluded that is the  difference.

Well, when you start obtaining information based on the information and your desire to obtain it, instead of judging the source by witch it comes to you, then you will have it, it will be yours!  

… you see, this is something #GW did for both you and mark, seth. He built into your foundation of beliefs a belief that you must judge all information that comes to you by the source by which it comes. 

… in truth, we each have a discriminating element in our own being which we can use to value information with, it is our emotions. We don’t ever actually need to reject or accept information with our thought. Our emotions always let us know if information is applicable to us personally, or not, and that knowing is of the highest quality.

Hence the meta-program #GW gave you both, which causes you to evaluate the messenger, and the method of delivery, and even the ego transactions involved in the delivery, ahead of valuing the information itself, is only complicating your lives and the quality and quantity of the information you can obtain.

well “my desire to obtain information” is irrelevant to the information itself.  that is a necessary fact about information from others.   To ignore that fact and sense others according to my desire, is to be subjective about them and put myself at the center of my universe.  It does seem that is what you do … but that is not me.  

so i think i do “get it” … i just don’t like it null

Your “desire to obtain information” is the pointer, and the filter, by which information that you come in contact with is selected, out of all the information out there, which is overwhelming and actually infinite. The information you actually experience IS determined by the pointer of your desire … not your idea of what it should be, just your desire for it.

yes perhaps … but “so what?”.   That is the situation in which i find myself. 

There are ways to ameliorate subjectivity … the scientific method being perhaps the most famous.  There are others … were i to make up a term i might call it “mental projection” … or “respect for otherness” … or even “empathy” where emotions are involved.  The point being that to the extent that i do that effectively, it is not my desire that is shaping the situation.   I think some people just do not use those tools … preferring always to be subjective.

Even though subjectivity is there burned into the very structure of my existence, does not mean that i must wallow in it and always choose to be subjective. 

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Hogwash! #SSS – authority is but one dimension of validation.  Ethos, Logos & Pathos but 3 dimensions of rhetoric. Proof – see Barbara Cubed.  You tell less lies if you talk about yourself rather than others.
cf: Comments about GW.

Yep. Barbara Cubed. And where did that come from? Oh, yea, #GW  

… point made.

nullyou have no point.

Ahhh … so then you believe that the point I put forward in About: Megaphone vs Free Speech vs Political Correctness - comment 73418 (comment 73462) can be made to go away by your assertion of it? Nice! #LOA doesn’t actually work that way, but it is nice to see you playing around with it.  

null ZZzz.. 

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