A thought causing an action

Seth says ...
Well a thought is a process which sustains itself the more it is repeated.  I think that is the essecence of what you mean when you say, “a thought is a thing”.  

I actually demonstrated that to you the other day.  I should make a independant thought of that domenstration because it is quite striking and you even acknowledged it at the time. 

1) Invent a action … let it be small and trivial with no important consequences. 
2) Invent a thought … any thought but a small one is best for this demonstration.
3) Think the thought and then do the action
4) Repeat (3) for 17 seconds
5) Now any time later think the though
6) You will notice that you will do the action

I took for the thought pronouncing the letter “B”.
For the action I chose my right index finger to twitch up.

I did that experiement about a month ago.   To this day as i think “B” my right index finger will pop up.
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What you describe above is what I call “thought momentum”. But it is not what I mean when I say a thought becomes a thing. I mean that quite literally. All manifested things started out as thoughts, and all thoughts become manifested things … even if we don’t take the journey to experience a particular thing a thought becomes, they are still things and do exist.

Thoughts become things is quite literal.

well we are together on “though momentum” null

what this demonstrates is a “momentum of a specific thought preceding (associated with) an action”.

But when you say “a though is a thing”, you are not saying anything to me at all.  Everything is a thing … thoughts, feelings, and the coffee cup on my desk.  To say it is a thing is to say nothing at all.  Even to say a thought is a “spirit” is just as devoid of meaning … yet equally true. 

To say something you have to specify the relationship of this thing to some other things. 

So yep, a thought is a thing … so very fucking true that is … label me #NotImpressed 

I said something more specific. I said “all thoughts become manifested things”. And I mean that literally.

I did not say a thought is a thing. I said a thought becomes a thing.

You may not experience the manifested things, because your journy in manifested experience may not cross paths with them, but all thoughts become manifested things, things that a journey can cross paths with, if that journey is taken, if one’s beliefs allow them to take a journey there, if one’s beliefs allow them to have the perceptions that lead to the manifestation … if one writes the associated story and experiences it.

Believing is seeing. Not the other way around.

Well i experience thoughts becoming manifested … “A thought causing an action” is one trivial example.  Another that i just did was to think of the McKayla “no impressed viral meme of some years ago” and to manifest it here as a visual hashtag to enhance our expression.  I am thinking of manifesting a #smoothie for denise … right now it is just a thought in progress … and will remain so unless i actually #DoIt.

You wave at something that i do not experience and you cannot describe … except to say you experience it and i do not …. that is great for you my friend  … me, i am #NotImpressed.

OH, and i agree …. “Believing is seeing” !  null

Well I am saying the same thing you are saying. Which is that you are taking journey’s within the things your thoughts create, and those are what you experience. Of course you don’t experience all of the things your thoughts create. For one thing, that would require multiple attentions, and as humans, we only have one.

All I am saying is that your beliefs are deterministic to the perceptions you have which then suggest the thoughts you think which then create the journey you experience in manifested reality. So belief is at the front of manifestation.

well my point is that my thoughts did not create them … rather my actions did.

The journey is the whole experience. The actions are only at the end, the final part, the observation, and the associated feeling, of manifestation happening.

i can go with that …. “The actions are only at the end, the final part, the observation, and the associated feeling, of manifestation happening.” … it #RingsTrue over here.

I would hasten to add that thoughts can preceed or follow those happenings and predict or plan or describe or rationalize them … or have absolutely nothing to do with them at all.  

But what they do not  do is cause the manifestations.  ← that is just your story. 

But don’t get caught up in that feeling, the feeling of actions, the feeling of #doing.

Manifestation happens because of thought. It can happen without your observation and associated feeling, without action. Action, where it is observed and felt, is our taking of the journey, attending manifestation. The manifestations happen weather we attend them, or not. And they happen because they were thought.

”But i would hasten to add that thoughts can preceed or follow those happenings and predict or plan or describe or ratioalize them”

Well yes, new thoughts come around after manifestation. The process moves on.

”or have absolutely nothing to do with them at all”

What they may have nothing to do with at all is your journey, where your attention goes. Oh they do create, they do manifest … but you may not attend. You do not attend all that you manifest, all that you think into being. It is not all within your experience. That is what beliefs are all about and why they are important and why they are at the front of reality interactions. Beliefs determine what one will perceive. 

yeah it’s an interesting story you are telling null

i understand it …

and i watch you playing with it null

  It is not my story.  Hopefully you can appreciate that. 

I understand your story. And I appreciate that it is the story you are choosing right now.

What I am presenting is this as a simpler and more complete model for interactions between self and reality, including otherness, and pretty much all the more complex things you have in your model.

Beliefs ==> Perception ==> Interpretation ==> Emotional reaction ==> Thoughts ==> Action

Maybe it could be redrawn in 3D like yours.  

strange i started playing with that yesterday in Where Bashar's single sequene stops working.   i just moved it to test where you can have access to it.   I didn’t publish it because i was not sure exactly what Bashir’s sequence entails. 

The three dimensional model makes no assumptions regarding the sequence,  except the direction one chooss to recon an arrow. 

My point is that Bashir’s sequence is just one of many … and the point of the exercise is to tease out what assumptions dictate that the arrows are drawn in some particular way.

Okay. Interesting, though I don’t, as yet, see any practical use for the 3D factoring.

What I am presenting is simply the idea of reducing to intrinsic elements that are formative. In your original TET model, only some were intrinsically deterministic. Many were only characterizations. Even “will” is only a characterization of one way arrive at action from thought … will is not an intrinsic determinant of the reality equation. i.e. it is a modifier, not a base term.

I talked re 3D rather than 2D when i initially introduced the model in “Moving from 2 to 3 dimensions”.   Human psychology is not a one dimensional sequence the way Bashar has it.  Psychological phenomena happens in at least 4 dimensions of freedom … try living in flatland if you doubt.

You can reduce it to that one sequence if that is the only sequence in which things actually happen. 

One can back into the element i called “will” simply by defining it as that which always happens if one behaves #against the #world.  But just like some of your awarenesses which you claim, i claim more or less awareness of it myself as a independent element from #thought.  If i actually #do something it is present with a distinct qualia … if i only think of something to do, it is not.

Yes, the distinction you indicate is there. If you #do something it has different qualia than if you only think something. The difference is that when you #do something you attend the manifestation with your experience journey. If you think it, you do not attend. That is really the only difference. The manifestation, the act of #doing, is an attendance.