The trick is to enjoy the prick

Seth says ...

well i am sorry.

it is what it is.
our egos are there;
and they prick each other. 

without that prick
you spine would unravel. 

the trick is to enjoy the prick.


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Strange although we can talk about eachother’s egos nobody except we know what is inside them & that which is outside them is just a concocted story based upon our own egos & what we deem the other is like.

yet we know that they prick each other.  that we know for a fact.

Yep, lots of pricks here. Noted in my journal 2 years ago that N was still acting like putz. null

i think all ego prick and get pricked … it is a verb in my poem … not an adjective modifier for a person.

null I used it as a noun.null

i know … it is a different word used as a noun … null