Oath of Truth

Too  bad I understood it & some folks didn’t. 
It was not about what was the truth but that the oath to tell the truth was prescribed by the G.’.B.’.G.’..
AND disclosing club materials to people not properly vetted was a violation.  Today since the G.’.B.’.G.’. is closed on the physical plane I assume the gods have relaxed that part.
Also, in a way , I violated it by having Liber S published. (a corollary found in the original Choronzon Club documents) – also on Breck’s site. 
Somewhere in the Tai Shu, I can look it up when I get a null the oath is published both in Ming & English.

If one had a group where the truth was mungeable & anyone could make up what they wanted it to be would not long sustain itself. See Peter Ralston for that; especially the part on keeping your word.