Oath of Truth

Mark de LA says ...
but that the oath to tell the truth was prescribed by the G.’.B.’.G.’

Yea, who’s truth? There is not “one truth”. Much better to simply be authentically you.   


I said: t was not about what was the truth but that the oath to tell the truth was prescribed by the G.’.B.’.G.’..

My point exactly!

An organization that believes there is a truth that one must tell. How quaint!

Like I say, everyone should be focusing on being authentically who they are, not in the business of who is telling the truth, then all will proceed in the natural order of what each of us is.  

Not of course, to be confused with #lying … that is something quite different, and related to deceptions and belief.

Not what it said, dude – you keep distorting . The oath affirms telling the truth.  Of course those in new agey belifs will find truth optional to the spur of the moment.

Who’s truth? Yours? The G.B.G’s?

Truth is not optional in the new age. Truth is being authentic. But your truth is not my truth. Truth is what one believes, and you clearly believe different things than I do, or you are #lying about what you believe … and I mean that in the real sense of #lying, not the confused idea that a lie is the opposite of the truth.

more #SSS beliefs are not truths unless they coincide with that which IS & the language thereof.

Who’s IS, your IS? The one you discover when you contemplate what IS? Or the one I discover when I contemplate what IS. Or, well your probably right, we should all be hailing what Hillary discovers when she contemplates what IS. null

#btw, mark … do you have (or remember) the exact wording of the oath? 

… and i seem to remember asking #GW about that point, and do not remember him responding with your interpretation here. 

It is in the probationer’s commission http://cfrussell.homestead.com/files/Prob1.htm 
I’ve always held my interpretation.  I don’t remember, although he implied, that he had the truth.
Barbara Cubed is explicit on such stuff.

#thanks → mark

Section V may lend some credence to your fears, except as I read it, pertains to the materials within the .’. Order .null

so where is Section V ?

Try paging through the whole document (context). there is a easy link at the bottom of the page – maybe even read the entire commission – it even has the 5 points of fellowship in it!

oh okay, you mean this

Yes i get that … it is a pledge to group … a firm bond … an extremely high impeneratable wall for the group ego. 
I’m going to go with nathan on that one,  “quaint”  indeed!

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XOR it needs no additional interpretation , especially by the troglodyte mind. nullnull

impossible to speak truth without interpretation. 

bond to that group on Faith, or not.  I chose not. 

i guess that makes me a cave dweller to those inside the group who have bonded. 
But that is just age old tribalism … or extreme group dynamics in this modern age. 
… a better way to make our humanity? … i think not.

Still haggling & munging away content – I guess thou art born to be #AlreadyAlwaysArguing null
See what kind of group you form if any clues to it are to be found in PJ-II null

#p2 was a great group … quite functional … in the end it rejected me … #shucks #OhWell.   I learned much about groups in that experience.  I think how groups function is just as intriguing and important as how individuals function … they being the same thing really.

WOW# what confusion you project.

well clarity looks like confusion from the point of view of confusion itself null

more gibberish – must have been listening to #d’A – remember your exit from PJ2, eh?

… i do.  i even mentioned it above.  did you notice?

& what did you learn from that?

well in this context i learned that a group will expel that which it cannot tolerate.

tolerate or that which is destructive to it. null

… a distinction without a difference.

 XOR https://www.powerthesaurus.org/destructive  
differences abound. 

well you could say this in more detail  ...

a group will not tolerate
what would  destroy the group,
so the group will expel it.  

no use in quibbling.

… so then why do you continue doing so?
#IDC – #done – nothing here in your statements to do with the G.’.B.’.G.’. except your #AlreadyAlwaysArguing

well this discussion has “to do with” that occult group …
and the #oath which  bonded it together
separating it from others.

… XOR/XAND your #AlreadyAlways , since childhood, hang-up/complex about being separated from outsiders. I remember you ran away from home mid college.

well there is the separation where i left the occult family group, 
joining the larger group of people who live in the #world. 

your judgment of that as a “childhood, hang-up/complex” is your own affair.

Reframe it any way you like – your story is yours. #IDC

okay, i’m sorry … but that does beg the question why you brought up that particular separation in this context.  
You said it to say what?

The fact that you still even think there is such thing as a troglodyte mind is a good indication of your current understanding of what it is to be human … the smile notwithstanding. null

seth You still & never will grok the thelemite/troglodyte duality as explained in the document – #done no more, pleasenull

well i think i do understand the “thelemite/troglodyte duality as explained in the document ”.

i experienced it exactly as i described it honestly in “About: Oath of Truth (comment 73920)”. 

specifically …

bond exclusively to that group on Faith, or not. 

I chose not.

What more do you know or experience about that process?

grok #IDC #done

okay, i’m sorry … you didn’t answer the question … but #shucks i love you anyway null

#RWG gas (has no end)

p.s. P.1947 hex 46 – 

Does wisdom lacking cleverness also lack passion? null

#btw i describe this experience in retrospect. 

my experience as i did it was innocent of these determinations.  none the less i believe they obtained.

Asking that question smacks of cleverness.  Nothing said about passion in the original. Cleverness masquerades (a la Lucifer) as smartness. Passion lives in the dimension of feeling.  Instead of thinking done for the #juice , but intended to discover truth,  wisdom may show up as the goddess Sophia . cool

#sethhmm … well truth is a feeling and so is the love of it null … can feeling lacking feeling even be?

I read the whole document. I not only #grok what is written, I also #grok what #GW was thinking and why, and I also #grok the #LOA reasons why it worked, and why it should not be used, even then … and I #grok how you are viewing humanity in accordance with it.

You can deny any or all of that, won’t change what I understand.  

N – just #juice ‘n

truth is languaging what is SO! – you may add feelings or not .  
triads :  thought, feeling, will ↔ true, beautiful, good null

well i like …

triads :  thought, feeling, will ↔ true, beautiful, good 


that #RingsTrue over here and hangs together well null … null it.