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Of course. That is where I come home, where my spirit lives and thrives each day.  

yes of course ….

but notice the point of balance between the inner and outer worlds. 

sorry, from my perspective, you are out of balance … maybe that is why when my balance goese straight it looks to you that i am tuning left ….  #nbd … null you anyway.

I am personally in perfect balance between inner and outer worlds.  

You might double check your beliefs, which determine what you will perceive.

That statement is a good example of the unbalance that i perceive. 

Yes, because it is about YOU. See, you have this idea that when people talk “about” other people, there is an imbalance. The real imbalance comes from an old idea prevalent in the last century that people should not talk about other people. Mark has that “belief” even more strongly than you do. It’s just a belief. There is nothing wrong with people speaking their mind about each other to each other. In fact, it is quite healthy (my belief about it) when both people are openly exploring the common aspects of their shared reality. My different belief comes off as an imbalance to you because you have a set belief pattern in this area.

well actually i have no such belief.   i think i have even told you that before.  maybe you are confusing me with mark.  i do not know.  but making up negative shit like that about others form the attitude  of being perfect yourself is another good example of your imbalance that i perceive.

Well, for not having a belief, you sure act from it. You did so right there.

Look at all that “making shit like that up about others” you are talking about. All of that comes from a belief about what one should be able to say about another. Sorry, you may not see it, but you have very strong beliefs in that area.

well i obviously have lots of beliefs.  maybe you confuse me with mark again, i do not know. 

people tell there perceptions of others to others all the time for various purposes. 

That is what you are doing here and other places on fastblogit.

Where the perceptions are shit, then telling them from the attitude of being perfect yourself, does what?

Let’s not talk about Mark. We can simply talk about the belief you exhibited above about what someone should or should not say to another (or maybe just you personally, either way) … and even about the belief you just now articulated by which you judge someone’s attitude. Those are both beliefs about how others should treat others (or you), and your beliefs in that area are very strong and very set and IMHO very antiquated.

but i said nothing about a “should” … nor did i judge your atitude. 

i merely asked you what doing what you are doing does what?  Specifically what does making up negative shit about sombody and then telling them that from the attitude of being perfect yourself, do?  What does it do to your insides?  What does it do to the others outside?  What is the effect on the harmony of the dance?  What vibration does it amplify?  What does it maifest?

No matter how you “cut it”, there is a “should” inside this statement. You think I should be doing something else, own it.

but making up negative shit like that about others form the attitude  of being perfect yourself is another good example of your imbalance that i perceive ~ Seth

okay yes … if you would stop making up negative shit about me and mark … i believe we would accomplish more.  That is my perceptions of how you are dancing with us here. 

And now i go to work on my newsletter project … arguing with you about shit is not going to serve that.


Fact remains, you have beliefs about what “negative shit” is, and related beliefs about “when one should say such things to another” … and those beliefs determine when you “accept” communication or not, both the content of the communication, and the fact that another is communicating to you. Those beliefs also affect how you feel … you internally use your judgment about how someone else is communicating to determine when you feel bad, drained, or disrespected, during the communication. These things happen purely out of the beliefs you hold in this area.