How to get there?

How does one get to yes island?  Are you booking flights?

Can we fly there via Google Earth?  is geo location published?

And yes i have seen


Then too Sir Richard Branson actually has one. null

Geo Coordinates -22.992689, -43.910551

Bing maps has the best view, but any map source will work.


Yes. There are over 800,000 habitable islands on earth and over 5,000 are for sale. There are plenty of good ones and I have looked at many. This one, Ilha Bonita (YES Island), is the one I like the best for many reasons.  

i doubt that bing maps can hold a candel to #GoogleEarth … i’ve played a lot with the latter … and none with the former.   tag: #maps 

Well, Bing has the best images of THIS island. All the google images of Ilha Bonita are dark and also high tide which doesn’t show the beaches as well. That is why I suggest Bing. Been looking at this island for 2 weeks now from every view you can imagine … know my way around!

But yes, I use google earth for measuring features and plotting elevation … great for that.