TetModel of Feedback

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null Note:  There are many paths feedback can take.



Yes. Widgets were really designed for presentation, not technical drawing.

What I don’t get is why you don’t just make a technical image of your tet wire-frame, in a paint program, and then use it as a background for a group? You would still be able to label and arrow and mark it up using widgets, but the wire-frame would be exact and easy to work with that way.

… and p.s. the grid is now on by default. If you simply turn off the grid, you can easily get rid of those gaps if you do want to keep it all wigitized.

yeah i just went and found one on the web … no need to construct it myself.

← png image

The order and sequence of any tool determines how easy it is to use. The widget tool is best used top-down, which is how I think.
  1. Make a large grouper that is the width and height of the page.
  2. Put an image inside the grouper and make it the background tet.
  3. Create groups of arrows and labels and place them inside the larger grouper. Then then these arrow-label sets can be moved as needed as one thing.
  4. Duplicate an existing arrow set and modify and place it to add the rest of the arrows.
  5. Capture everything into the outer group in case you forgot something. Manually capture sub-groups (for now).
Doing it that way will be quick and painless and leave you with a single group for your entire tet that can be moved as one and copied to other thoughts as one, while all the parts can still be moved independently.  

Note: there are many paths feedback can take.

sorry i cannot rotate the grouper back to zero … it just will not stick there.