Do you think most realize, my friend, that what theyโ€™re really after is more "living," not more rewards? Yet by conditioning the former upon the latter, they have a tough time with both? 

Yeah, not yet. But one day they will. 

    The Universe


I don’t know … me, i am into expressing the deepest from #inside creating that #outside of me … manifesting it … that would be my peculair “more living”, as you put it.    Yes, expecting a reward gets in the way … that makes me a #whore.  Yet nothing truly manifests in my eyes alone.  Hence my difference of view from your #TheUniverse null

Yep. As I have said, you are mainly an observer and commentor, not a liver.  

#OMG that does not follow at all null

note, that expressing can have many forms … many of them not as narrow as you may think.

Seems to. Looks to me like you are trying to codify it as if you are a liver, but mainly that is sly wording.

The truth is, how much to you “live” outside of the rather small experience box you have been in for many years? For most of your life? Where have you traveled to? How many different cultures have you directly experienced? How many different ways of experiencing your body in this world have you done? Sports, etc.?

You observe them and you talk about them plenty. But what do you “do”? Occasional events around the Seattle area? A few social gatherings? What is the longest plane ride you have taken? When have you been off the USA mainland other than Hawaii … and Barbara and I had to work together to get you to do that? When have you taken deep meditation journey’s into inner space and come back a changed man? How many people do you personally know face to face and how far and wide to they span on this planet?

sorry nathan i am not into your diminishing me today.  Go bang on somebody else’s box with your toy tin drum.


Apparently, you diminish yourself with my words. My words are simply asking. If it diminishes, then why do you believe it?

none of what you said has any bearing on my life or my living of it in the slightest.  nor do i intend to correct your misconceptions.  keep them to yourself.  that is my answer to your question.

I am simply showing that your viewpoint of who you are and what you “do” is not aligned with the circumstances of your life. But I don’t judge that either way. The judgment is all on your side. It’s fine to be an observer, and that is what you are. Simply own it.

well “who i am, and what i do, is aligned with the circumstances of my life”.  

That is true, self evident, and need not even be shown to me.  

i would have it no other way. 

So, you showed it (which you didn’t) to say what?

Because you are so aghast at who you appear to be.
#OMG that does not follow at all – Seth
I don’t expect or need you to be a liver. But when you don’t express your own true vibration that you are emitting to the rest of us, I call you on it.

well your vibration is distracting me today from my living now null


That’s fine. As long as you can see your living as being an observer and thinker and commentor, I am good with it. You watch the movies and experience them deeply from that perspective and talk about them and relate your experience of them, like Siskel and Ebert, but you don’t go out and produce movies or act in them, other than your own observitive one.

(Yes, I do know that one of those guys is dead)  

you are so full of #Bullshit… sorry, go away, you are too #stinky null

I still object to the use of the author thingy for items which I have nothing to do with. thumbs down

But this item is for you, from The Universe.

It is entirely up to you if you accept the gift or not.

Since it is “for you”, your name is in it.  

#BullShitArtist that you are – I’ll get my own clues from the Universe & not you d’A

Well, I did not write the above. The Universe did. I only copied it here, and whence it came from had the equivalent of the [author] live reference already in it, so that it would be to everyone here in this reality. In fact, I originally developed the [author] reference so that I could re post these here as they were.