train of thought (wallaby) in progress ...

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WOW! I don’t think in diagrams & abstractions unless I am doing engineering, geometry & mathematics – this is your thinking about what you guess is my thinking.  Speak about yourself & you might run into a diagram of truth someday. null

it is not just particular to you … note the usage of our new pronoun [author]
… quite a invention really … #kudos → nathan.  

so no, do not take this personally as an ego transaction from me to you.  in fact i was not even remotely thinking about my friend  when i got the wallaby, or when i manifested its representation in thise diagrams … on which i can hang any manner of details as my friend requires … hence they are not overly #abstract.

#btw this is just notes … work in progress … i don’t expect that anyone else can get the #gestalt … there are probably too many points in it yet which are already opposite to your beliefs. 

one does need to manifest some tangable representations before one can see how they need to be changed to make them better #RingTrue null

You fuckers don’t get it – you LIE when you use that feature!  The only think you know is about yourselves which you project on others. null

well my friend may want to get used to it … seth and nathan seem to be useing it to better communicate that which #RingingTrue … my friend can use it himself if he wants … or not … and/or #listen  to how others use it too and hear what they have to say … or not … and/or ignore thoughts entirely which are displeasing to my friend … the new feature  restrain my friend’s  freedom not in the least. 

The person who reads this :
my friend is a CUNT, Asshole & would fuck his grandmother if he had a chance! null 
my friend ‘s favorite pose:

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Maybe it is all those bats in the belfry making all that ringing noise! null
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i need to add the other half of the figure … the tetrahedron reaching inward whose apex is intuition.