Ready for Market Some day

It will be interesting to see how a real public will respond to such features as the  Good luck! .. i.e. if you ever get it market-ready & productized.  (will it scale is a technical issue)

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Considering how well the majority takes to it here, I suspect all of those will be very well received!

Perhaps not by bullies and mismatchers though … you may be right about that. Those guys need to control their spaces and these features are for interactive dis-limitation of spaces, not controlling them.  

some of the features you mention are among the features that allow us to practically do together here at fastblogit.    this is not twitter … this is not facebok … this is not Seri …. this is not just your own little blog against the world.   this is something that fits in with the other tools on the internet to facilitate us thinking better and better together out loud in the now of real time.  my friend, please work with us and try to make our feature set better and better!

Good luck in marketing such a product. Good luck in finding a group of people who think like you do etc.thumbs up
Perhaps there is no aim to market anything.  Kewl! null I see no practical purpose for the author embed except to involve people who don’t want to be involved in the first place.  What purpose do you seth have for it ? It facilitates lying about another.

Each individual should be 100% responsible for what they “involve” themselves with. 
I still do not comprehend what mark is compliaing about regarding the [author] feature.

Look under this term #LIE to see what a lie is mark. There are no lies happening here.

Don’t really need luck do we? We have intentional reality. But not much to it when the majority shares our intentions. It is a small minority who feel the way you do.

So I guess I could write all kinds of things about Seth here & you could choose to ignore them or not & that would be OK regardless of what was written about you, eh? Even to including things about your ontologies which make no sense outside your brain?

mark, every time you write the pronoun “you” you are saying almost the same thing. 

The difference between me saying “you” and me saying “my friend
might be something that would be fun to tease out … objectively … sans us playing #RWG 


d’Asshole negates a lot even when he lies & says it isn’t lying – sounds like a politician. A bully one at that. null

.. most of the time I use the generic “one” these days.  If I mentioned you it probably was intentional.

#btw everything i say is “intentional” except when i
loose my attention, become #unConscious,  or perhaps become mindless.

Of course! That only makes sense mark. Why would you ever think otherwise?

What is this, a Nazi state?

My objections are to your personal shitting on things without content. It’s just bullying. Not everyone is a bully, and even bullies can be managed easily here (thanks mostly to your efforts.  )

Yep. I return your bullying. That is well established!  

Well you are the only one in the World who has called me that & you exemplify it fully.

I realize that. I am one of the few with enough balls to stand up to you. Most just eat your shit and grin. Much like they did #GW’s null

I stood up to him too #btw, even while he was on his death bed. He, respected me for it.

My mother thought you were an asshole!  What an arrogant piece of shit you are & brag about it too! 
thumbs down

No. You thought your mother thought I was an asshole. Your experience dude! Own it.

Her and my experience have nothing to do with you.

#btw i have been “standing up to” mark and #GW way back almost as far as i can remember … although i must admit, i had to grow into standing up to #GW … mark i learned in swaddling pants.  now i am even learning how better to stand up to my friend … although he usually continues to #argue incessantly.  null

Yes. Sorry about that seth. But it is a carryover pattern in your energy. I mirror the reciprocal naturally. And as you say, it is cleaning up your vibration on that subject nicely! (Oh, you call it learning to stand up to, but cleaning up your vibration is what it really is.  )

nathan continues not to take 100% responsiblity for what he thinks, says, feels and does null

instead he has a habit of shirking that responsibility to others … for example what he just said above.

… but #OMG how he can rationalize doing it … and will even shirk responsibility for that to #Abraham null

Nope! She told me so in words.

Nope. I never said any of my mirroring or my contract has anything to do with Abraham or #LOA. In fact I have often said quite the opposite. Bashar talks a little about contracts, but I have never spoken of it in respect to him here at all.

This is ALL ME and I take 100% responsibility for it. It’s you who don’t. Well, I give you that one. You do have to leave your box before you will gain access to the perspective where you could take responsibility for it. Such is life.  

i do not remember Barbara thinking that Nathan was an arrogant ass hole …

sorry …  notwistanding that he is … null

but, mark … now that we are on the subject of ass holes … where did you get that fixation ?  
even Denise was asking me about that yesterday.  I told her i had no idea.

I am sure she validated your experience. That’s what people do. Doesn’t have anything to do with my relationship with her or anyone else’s experience. What you are talking about is your relationship with Barbara.

okay … she did not tell me.  strange thought most of Barbars’s and our life together with nathan was back when nathan was quite a bit younger … i have a hard time placing what context Barbara would have honestly spoken words to that effect … and if she did that her words would have pointed to that which you are referring.

We went out somewhere in the marina one day & had a long talk whiile he was living there.
Asshole is kinda metaphoric. Even #Bullshit is metaphoric.  Work it out ! null
BTW the relationship is similar between my asshole & d’Asshole except the taste & smell are different & are different channels.


actually i think mark’s fixaction it’s more about what comes out of an ass hole …

rather than the sphincter itself.

tag #shit #Bullshit #EatShit … and all of its variations

Finally getting a taste of what you have been dishing out your whole life mark?

Conversation forked to thought 23228

Nope! d’Asshole is getting what he is attracting & blaming it on someone else.  Funny thing is he is just about the only one who continually seems to want that from me. 
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What am I getting that I would blame on another? I am quite happy. You seem to be the one with rainbow panties in a twist all the time.