Judge By the Golden Rule

One has many senses, the heart Chakra https://g.co/kgs/MzVprl is where I seek counsel if I am in doubt about my actions.
There is also proverb advice in the phrases from the New Testament
You folks, my friend spout your own judgments about others yet reserve such for others & not with your own examples. 
Nevertheless there is still opportunity to change now,  Endless #AlreadyAlwaysArguing, #AlreadyAlwaysListening & #AlreadyAlways behavior notwithstanding.
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From the Tai Shu Commentaries:
P.2693 84-5-4-28-14-3-MON (26/1/16 ago or 26.13 yrs from this writing)
"....   In our book every Ultimate Particle has Consciousness, a Category concomitant with others such as Unity, Extension, Persistence, Motion i.e. each UP has an Ego, whose function is JUDGEMENT, which is expressed as a "statement" or "equation" properly quantified & qualified.  Note that not the statement but its MEANING is what FORCES you to assent, i.e., if you are a reasonable person.  Speech & Reasoning are equivalent: See what I mean when I say "Look Jane see Dick" - two levels. "