My experience is part of what IS, and so is your experience.

Miami says ...
My selfie is mine, yours is yours. There is no diff except who owns it. Thing is that I know my selfie is my selfie, and you think yours is part of reality.



sorry null, that does not even make sense in my #ontology.

my ego is the #edge between what is my #BeIng, and what is not my being. 
it is my edge between what is #inside me and what is #outside me.

just, i must assume,  as is yours. 

“i” being an #indexical pointer to “my ego”. 
#selfie  being mark’s #spass on #Ego

not forgetting that “I am a variable”.

You left out my context. This is what is wrong with the export out of context.   What is, IS! Beliefs & constructed stuff is what you build to protect & defend & puff-up your selfie.  Read the #GofB stuff & try the exercises.

Nobody left out your context. The About pointer points strait to it. This is simply a continuation.

Don’t get your rainbow panties all in a twist so easily mark. The universe loves you  even if you don’t love yourself back!  

N has a fixation on rainbow panties – Tanga Panty with Rainbow Tulle

You folks go through a lot of contortions to be in separate universes from one another – xor so it seems.  Seems like you might never touch each other . If you woke up a bit you would find that it is just a story you spin to protect your Egos (selfies) from being accountable & having integrity in what you say from your beliefs to others.

Mmmmm … I had not seen that pair yet! Thanks!

I buy all my women rainbow panties, what else is there?  

Integrity with who? With what? I touch those I desire to touch, even the one I “wake up with” every morning. My experience doesn’t seem to be as complicated as yours is. I simply enjoy it!  

#hummm … I didn’t mention Ego. I mentioned selfie. Perhaps there is some kind of a relationship, but you simply and totally switched contexts so I can’t say for sure anything you said was about what I said. null

… especially the I am a variable stuff which the only context I have ever been able find for is that you get filled with what others think and do … i.e. you have no selfie. You are just a vessel to be filled by others with whatever they need to have you hold for them at the moment.

well i am using “ego” and “selfie” to mean the same exact thing …
i do not see an important distinction in this context.

The ego edge is, from the outside looking in, an illusion on the inside
This was convincingly described by #AlanWatts … which i pointed out previously as ...
This is related to “killing the ego” as mark put it recently … or as described elsewhere by #AlanWatts in his #Zen book  The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are” also in a youtube “the real you - alan watts - youtube”.  

… consequently …

i can,  from the inside of my #being vary my #Ego #edge to wherever i can maintain its illusion. 

no such thing as “gettting filled with what others think and do” …
no actual transfer of information necessary at all …

just merely a #WillToBelieve

My usual example is where Charles de Gaulle famously said …

and meant …

I am France !

Charles de Gaulle
On which hangs a tale .. well worth a historical read.

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