How to really TRUMP Trump.

I was chatting with someone yesterday about YES Island. One of my close friends who is fully active in creating their own reality as an experience, like I am …

I’m so excited about your excitement and clarity and joy in this project. that’s the best way to get anywhere! i love how so many people are more fully launching into their true dreams and receiving the real gift of trumps presidency.

This is the real way to understand Trump. It comes out of the understanding that each of us, for our own reason, put Trump into presidency … either because we wish to align with his affluent nature and develop that energy inside ourselves, or because we wish to bounce off it and go our own true direction, maybe for the first time in our own life, or both.

If you did not put Trump into Presidency, directly, personally, then you would not be “here”. You would be “over there” where Hillary, or some other, is President. You would be in that reality right now. Those who are here with Trump as president are those who desire the particular gift his Presidency has to give.  

It is your reality. You are creating it, selecting it out of all that is possible. Everything in it is there for the gift it will give you, the gift you chose, if you allow the gift to bear it’s fruit inside you. If you say YES.

Whatever you are focused on about Trump, that is where your gift lies. That is where you will receive something amazing when you say yes to the journey. That is where you will TRUMP Trump.