Hiding others Comments is the real bullying - #GFY ! - comment 74797

Mark de LA says ...
Feeble ideas can’t stand up to other ones – that’s the flaw in #LOA –  it seems that feeble minds can’t stand controversy. null
There are always 2-sides Image result for tao


Why is “the strongest vibration wins” a flaw?

I don’t see it that way.

It is the natural process of selective evolution.

Yep Image result for nuclear bomb … doesn’t always follow the true, beautiful & good though null

It can, when you participate in the full cycle of #doing.

It is when participating only in the outer half of the cycle that the beautiful and good can get short circuited by the ugly and evil. We are all beautiful beings. When we participate fully as our whole self, only beauty flows from us.  

#gobbledegook & #birdies – on the way to #RWGBait on the way to #RWGBoomerang null enjoy hiding!